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Got my fangs out!
—A Dybbuk-Attacker

The Dybbuk-Attacker is a member of Epsilon's Dybbuk series of aircraft, serving as an anti-armor fighter.

Official description

The aircraft from the Dybbuk series were initially seen in the sky when the presence of the mobile Gehenna Platforms was noticed by the Allied forces. It was first reported that the Allied air force is continuously being engaged by some sort of unorthodox-looking jets, that would quickly take them down with the already known by then ARO projectiles.

It wasn't until later in the war against Yuri when the Dybbuks were revealed to be produced in various subclasses. The first one was the Interceptor, the one that was designed for dogfights and airspace defense. The second one was rumoured to be a transport, however this one was stealth and reports remained unconfirmed for a long time. The third type was the Attacker which confirmed that Yuri has established airfields of his own and was using fast aircraft to attack ground targets, especially tanks.

Dybbuk-Attacker's biggest difference compared to the jet fighters of the Allies and the Soviets is that it stores much more ammo than those, however its weapon's single attack is not as powerful as, for example, a missile from a Harrier. Nevertheless, in large numbers, the Dybbuk-Attackers are capable of destroying numerous target in just a single run if commanded properly.[1]


The Dybbuk-Attacker is an oddball from its equivalents; the weaker attacks of the Dybbuk-Attacker meant that it is unable to eliminate key targets quickly, especially buildings. However, it is more suited for longer engagements; while Allied and Soviet fighter jets will just drop their payload and leave in mere seconds, the Dybbuk-Attacker's increased ammunition allows it to destroy multiple weaker units with proper micromanagement. If the battle is over quickly, the Dybbuk-Attacker armada may still have enough ammo for the next one, or even use it to rain down on their reloading rivals in their Airfields.

Another advantage the Dybbuk-Attacker possesses is its status as the cheapest jet in the entire war, enabling proselytes who value airpower to assure that their regiments will no longer fear being outgunned and outnumbered by their more durable counterparts, as the swarm of Dybbuk-Attackers are enough to turn entire armor divisions into scrap.

The Dybukk-Attacker shares similar weaknesses with its other factional counterparts - it is fragile and is not intended to be sent into combat zones with significant hostile anti-air presence. Therefore Epsilon proselytes should use them with care, as while they carry far more ammunition than any other jet aircraft in the conflict, their lower damage output means a hostile opponent will have more time to react as it will take a Dybukk-Attacker longer to destroy a vehicle on their own, unless they attack in large swarms. Their AROs are not effective against infantry and structures either.

AI behavior

Dybbuk-Attackers controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x targeting vehicles or ore miners


We have an airfield of our own. Construct Dybbuk-As to fight enemy tanks on the ground.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Divergence

Act Two

  • The Dybbuk-Attacker makes its first appearance in Divergence.
  • In Earthrise, the Dybbuk-Attacker is fully operational on the Moon, having been designed to function in the vacuum of space.

Special Ops

The aircraft are being designed to work both on Earth and in space? Why?
—Yunru during Operation: Time Capsule
  • Chronologically, Dybbuk-Attackers first appear in the Foehn Special Ops mission Time Capsule as inactive prototypes.


  • Able to accurately strike targets from above.
  • Effective against armored units.
  • High ammo capacity.
  • Fragile.
  • Not very effective against infantry and structures.
  • Warheads not as powerful compared to other Allied and Soviet jets.
  • Vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
  • Unlike the other factions' attack jets, it takes a long time to do complete damage to a unit due to the high ammo capacity, giving enemy AA units more time to attack it.

Behind the scenes

  • Sometime during the development of 3.3, the Dybbuk-Attacker was known as the Blight that was supposed to be invisible when landed, had armaments similar to 2.0's Starflare, and only available once a Tech Airfield was captured (the name still exists within the game files; unit ID of Dybbuk-Attacker is Blight)[2], then changed to the current iteration but with unlimited ammo,[3] before finally deciding to change it to limited ammo due to balance reasons.


The Dybbuk-Attacker uses the same firing sound as the Disintegrators from Tiberium Wars. The same applies to the Dybbuk-Interceptor and the Salamander.

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