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The Dunerider is an Epsilon infantry specializing as fast response units.

Official description

Acting in loose groups as quick response teams to any threat that may compromise the security of Epsilon settlements, Duneriders use anti-gravity hover boards that allow them to maneuver across any terrain with extreme ease and great speed. Lobbing grenades with toxic charges makes the Dunerider an effective jack-of-all-trades to infantry and buildings.[1]


The Dunerider is a Tier 2 infantry widely used by Epsilon Army, his toxin grenade has a good impact on infantry and construction due to his long attack range (although that for Virus is better when attacking infantry). Fast and amphibious are also the main features of the Dunerider, which allows the proselytes to use several Duneriders to sneak into the enemy base or assembly point that has weak defense through almost undefended waterway without being spotted by the enemy commander, to eliminate the key buildings or infantry squad then flee immediately after completing the attack or being discovered.

However, it's worth noting that Dunerder is very weak on attack vehicles, so it is not recommended to use them to attack armor units unless using them act as bait, though Duneriders still have no way for dealing the faster air units.


Act Two


  • Effective against infantry and structures. Also deals a good amount of damage against lightly armed vehicles.
  • Good speed and attack range.
  • Outranges basic enemy defenses like Sentry Gun and Pillbox.
  • Amphibious.
  • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Infantry killed by the Dunerider leaves poison clouds, allowing it to heal inside.

  • Very fragile, easy to kill with anti-infantry weapons.
  • Also vulnerable to naval threats and magnetic weapons.
  • Defenseless against aircraft.
  • Not very effective against armored vehicles.
  • May cause friendly fire.


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