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The Drop Control is an add-on for the United States Air Force Command HQ, which allows them to request infantry and vehicle paradrops.

Official description

The United States army has the capability of upgrading their Air Force Command Headquarters after the Mercury Uplink has been built. This Drop Control upgrade will allow them to deploy American Paratroopers and Bloodhounds anywhere on the battlefield using their faster Cargo Planes.[1]


The Drop Control solely provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
USA commanders can send infantry reinforcements via paradrop wherever they choose, even behind enemy lines. The Airborne strike force consists of 7 GIs and 3 Guardian GIs. This support power costs $1200 and takes 4:00 to recharge.
3 Humvees and 2 Stryker IFVs are sent into the battlefield via Cargo Plane at a chosen location. The Bloodhounds support power costs $1800 and takes 5:00 to recharge.


Act One

Act Two

  • The Drop Control becomes buildable in the Covert Ops mission Obstinate.

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