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The Drop Control is an add-on for the United States Air Force Command HQ, which allows them to request infantry and vehicle paradrops.

Official description

The United States army has the capability of upgrading their Air Force Command Headquarters after the Mercury Network Uplink has been built. This Drop Control upgrade will allow them to drop the American Paratroopers and Bloodhounds anywhere on the battlefield using their Cargo Planes.[1]


The Drop Control solely provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
Type: Reinforcement Power
Cost: $1000
Recharge Time: 4:00

Deploys 6 GIs and 4 Guardian GIs to the battlefield

Left-click icon then left-click on target location (cannot be targeted on water)
Type: Reinforcement Power
Cost: $1500
Recharge Time: 5:00

Deploys 3 Humvees and 2 Stryker IFVs to the battlefield

Left-click icon then left-click on target location (cannot be targeted on water)


In the campaign, non-Allied forces that own a Mercury Network Uplink will not get access to the Drop Control. In addition, if an Allied Air Force Command HQ with Drop Control is captured by a Epsilon faction, only the Paradrop support power is granted (Soviet Faction can granted access to Airborne and Bloodhound).

Act One

  • Drop Control debuts in Happy Birthday, used by American enemy.
  • The Drop Control is introduced as a buildable add-on in Beautiful Mind. In this mission, it requires the Tech Secret Lab located near the player's base in order to be built, instead of Mercury Network Uplink.

Act Two

  • In Hamartia, possibly due to the exhaustion of off-site reinforcements, Drop Control will become neither buildable ever since the Allies have been forced to assemble at bottom right highland, nor being able to call the two kinds of reinforcement support powers through the existing Drop Control add-on. Drop Control is still locked in the Origins mission The Remnant.


  • In Enforcers, Drop Control is able to build without Mercury Network Uplink but Air Force Command Headquarters alone.

Behind the scenes

The icon of the Drop Control's predecessor, the Strategy Center.

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