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Once again the Russians must defend their homeland in a clash of titans as their enemy attempts to deny them victory. A powerful army has isolated the Primorsky Krai from the rest of the country and has imprisoned the Russian heroes, Volkov and Chitzkoi.
—Mission description

Operation: Dragonstorm is the twelfth and final Soviet Act One campaign mission.


It's finally happened, Comrade. The long destined battle between the two giants has begun. Perhaps it was because we got too close to the truth in Japan, but this plan seems to have been a long time in the making - it would explain how events went since the beginning of the war. We should have seen this, especially when the Pacific Front first invaded our shores. Norio, the hero of the Pacific Front has gone rogue, and he stated to us that there indeed was a treaty between the two armies, hence why the Chinese so effortlessly occupied Japan. While he doesn't know all the details, he suspects this was even going on decades ago when Japan was an American protectorate, and they turned the vote when Japan had to choose between being independent and joining the American Union. Perhaps not all of the Pacific Front accepted this treaty, Norio being one of them, but no other explanation makes sense.

Now, Chinese forces are crossing into our Far East - they likely do not seek to totally take us over, but it is abundantly clear that they want both us and the Confederation to recognize them as the true seat of the Comintern. For Moscow, this is tantamount to denying the World Revolution, and our purpose. This war is one that is now more important than even fighting the Allies. They had good intel, as the first thing they did was destroy our sole remaining MIDAS. Further, they captured both Volkov and Chitzkoi, and their little scientist, Yunru, is trying to hack them and turn them from us. Being the only commander in the area, you have been tasked to do the seemingly impossible - turn them back. The fate of the World Revolution, rests here. If we lose now, all will be for naught.

Objective 1: Destroy the enemy bases in Primorsky Krai.


The Bear vs. The Dragon

China formally torpedoed Russia, and one of their generals, Xiu Rong Wu, had already assembled invading forces in the Northern Primorsky Krai; Volkov and Chitzkoi were also immobilized by them shortly after the execution of their last mission. And was held here, guarded by some Dragonflies. The girl that the General saw last time also left through a Halftrack after completing some work. The general’s troops have already assembled in the northwest and are ready to repel Wu Xiurong’s offense, and he was given the right to use the Airbase.

Xiu Rong immediately dispatched a number of Foxtrots and a large number of infantry to attack the General's base. Foxtrots also destroyed his Palace. Xiu Rong Wu contemptuously said:

So this is where you're hiding, General? My men will crush you! Like a swarm of locusts, they descend from the sky to devour all those who stand against China!
—General Xiu Rong Wu taunting the Soviet General

The General used all the troops in the base to eliminate the infantry, built some Flak Cannons to destroy the Foxtrots, and he soon rebuilt the Palace. With the arrival of two small reinforcements including Morales, the first wave of attacks was repulsed and he decided to begin construction of an advanced force. Xiu Rong Wu's line-type encirclement caused no great trouble for the General's defense. The General began to build the Industrial Plant, which had just been put into service, while commanding troops to fight off the attack. At this time, Xiu Rong Wu also strengthened his offensive, this time in the tank group.

Not long after, the situation became even worse. Not only did Xiu Rong's use of a large number of Kirov Airships, constant Demolition Trucks raids and hordes of paratroopers, but also the base of the Pacific Front used by Xiu Rong Wu in the east was revealed. It seems that Russia underestimated China's military power. The existence of the Pacific Front troops here indicates that either Chinese is using the seized Pacific Front technology or they have turned them into their own vassals.

Wasting no more time, The General finally found a chance to advance his troops and occupied a Tech Base Expansion Post on the waterfront. But another bad news came: The Russians suddenly lost the access to use PsiCorps technology. It seemed that some agent infiltrated one of their technology facilities.

But this has little effect on the general. Reinforcements from Siberia that includes 4 Apocalypse Tanks and an MCV has finally arrived and the General has mixed these Reinforcements with forces he already assembled that compose of Scud Launchers and Tesla Cruisers, and has advanced towards the southern city. When the General’s army entered the city, he discovered a local hospital that he then used to his own advantage. When the General first attacked the base, he used Scud Launchers to destroy a new seismic technology defense put into use by the Chinese military - the Hammer Defense. Because he had accumulated a lot of Repair Drones before, his attacking force quickly destroyed Xiu Rong Wu's own base.

Hard-fought victory

While focusing on defending the offensives of troops from the Pacific Front, the General advanced his offensive forces eastward and found the imprisoned Volkov and Chitzkoi, and then liberated them.

The entire attacking force crossed the icy river and began attacking the Pacific Front base. They first detected the EMP Mines all over the road and reached the enemy’s first line of defense. The General’s continuous replenishment of the attacking forces kept them in a stable position and reached the khaki-colored enemy base. At this time, the General launched Invulnerability for the attacking force, and then directed them to quickly rush into the base. The force then used only a few minutes to wipe out the Pacific Front forces and the Sentinels that Xiu Rong Wu had deployed extra. It seems that even if Xiu Rong Wu put his defense on the secondary Pacific Front base, his battle still failed. But he finally added one sentence arrogantly:

I do not accept this defeat, General. My men will cover my escape, and we will fight another day! *laughs*
—General Xiu Rong Wu upon defeat


In the end we stand victorious. The Chinese offensive has lost its momentum while the rest of the world trembles, believing that we still control PsiCorps and the MIDAS. There is still a matter of traitor Yuri's disappearance, but this war is over.
—Battlefield report

Although the casualties on the Russian forces were high, the General can finally sigh with relief after the Chinese invasion is repelled and the dragon have been put in their place and are forced to recognize the Russian bear as the true leader of the Soviet Union. This ensured peace and stability on the Soviet realm – at least until China and Pacific Front goes to war in Korea.

The world also remain fearful to the Soviets since they believed that Russia still had MIDAS warheads at their disposal (although the truth says otherwise), allowing the Soviets to keep the world in check for the next two years.

The war may be over but the General still have to find out where Yuri is hiding, who managed to disappear amidst the Chinese invasion. He also figured how he could lose access to the Psychic Sensor and Cloning Vats since they were seemingly secure inside the Russian Palace.

Thinking that the Soviet Union is at peace, the General returns to the United States – now renamed to Soviet States of America (S.S.A.), enforcing the Soviet will on the region and pushing out the remnants of the American military who threatens the Soviet dominance there. While the General remains on alert to any possible events masterminded by Yuri, he appears to have been caught off-guard when Leninisk Cosmodrome is sacked by the PsiCorps.

Two years later, the General, now residing at Washington D.C. – now renamed to Stalington in honor of Joseph Stalin – receives a wake up call to his usual duty of policing the city.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 40000
  • Several Nuwa Cannons stationed on cliff will be removed.
  • Some of Naval Mines will be removed.
  • Large amounts of EMP Mines will be removed.
  • The intensity of enemy attack is the weakest in this difficulty.


  • Starting credits: 35000
  • Some of EMP Mines will be removed.
  • The enemy will send Foxtrots to attack the player's Radar Dish after the mission starts for a while.
  • The enemy will continuously send paratroopers to the player's base.
  • After mission starts for a while, some Pyros and Crazy Ivans will be paradropped to the player's base.


  • Starting credits: 30000
  • The enemy will send Foxtrots to attack the player's Radar Dish after the mission starts for a while.
  • The enemy will continuously send paratroopers to the player's base.
  • After mission starts for a while, some Pyros and Crazy Ivans will be paradropped to the player's base.
  • The battlefield will expand earlier, makes Pacific Front forces take actions earlier.
  • An enemy Saboteur will infiltrate the player's Barracks, thereby granting veterancy to every enemy infantry trained. This cannot be avoided since it happens just before the opening cutscene ends. More Saboteurs will be sent during the battle as well.
  • The enemy will continuously paradrop Terror Drones and Crazy Ivans to the player's base.
  • The enemy will send Demolition Trucks towards the player's base after a while if the player's War Factory is intact.
  • The intensity of enemy attack is the strongest in this difficulty.

Easter egg

  • On the eastern side of the map, located inside Pacific Front territory, an aquatic Dragon Head prop can be found near the cliffs guarded by Grand Cannons. If destroyed, a money crate will appear on its spot. An amphibious unit is required to collect this crate.

Behind the scenes

  • During version 3.0, the Pacific Front base was inaccessible by land troops as there was no land that connected it and the island the Chinese and the Russians are, thereby requiring the use of amphibious transports or an air assault with Kirovs and Wolfhounds.


I thought nuclear missile were not allowed. This is hardly fair, General.
—General Wu after the player builds a Tactical Nuke Silo
  • If the player builds a Tactical Nuke Silo, General Wu will respond in kind by building one himself in the middle of the Pacific Front base if the latter still has its Construction Yard and enough power.
  • Ironically, this is the only mission to feature all four Soviet heroes from Skirmish mode, although not on the same side of the conflict.
    • Additionally, Morales and Yunru can't be present on the map at the same time.