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The Doomsday Device is an important structure in the King of the Hill mode during version 3.0. Located at the center of a battlefield, this structure is completely invulnerable, but it can be captured by a single engineer and takes 15 in-game minutes to activate. Unless captured by the opposition in this time, the Ultimate Weapon will be unleashed to destroy all units and structures on the map, ending the game in a victory for the owner. In addition, the timer will reset each time the Doomsday Device is captured.

The structure also allows the owner's infantry and vehicles to auto-heal and provides additional income, just like a Tech Hospital, a Tech Machine Shop, and a Tech Oil Derrick combined.

In version 3.3, the Doomsday Device's role is replaced by the Psychic Beacon.

Ultimate Weapon


The Ultimate Weapon destroys all entities on the map other than the Doomsday Device itself once unleashed.


  • Unlike its successor, the Force Shield texture of the Doomsday Device is always there, even before being captured.
  • Unlike its successor, the Ultimate Weapon's timer is not stopped when the owner of the Doomsday Device is low on power.
  • The visual effects of the Ultimate Weapon is very similar to that of an ion storm in Tiberian Sun. In fact, the Ultimate Weapon's internal name is "IonStormSpecial".
  • The design of the Doomsday Device is based on the Power Core in Red Alert 3.
  • In multiplayer, if a player who owned the Doomsday Device quit the match, the device would also be destroyed.

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