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Be one... with Yuri.
Yuri's voice echoes on the battlefield whenever Domination is used

Domination is a support power that is the ability of the Epsilon's offensive superweapon, the Psychic Dominator. It unleashes a huge tidal wave of raw psychic power that manifests itself in form of a powerful blast whose shockwave causes massive destruction to anything in its wake.

Surprisingly, any enemies within the epicenter of the psychic domination is unaffected by the shockwave, but their minds became one with Yuri instead, evidenced by his voice echoing throughout the battlefield whenever one is activated, and have their minds completely dominated by the Epsilon, ready to fight to the death for Yuri's cause.

As a result, the Psychic Dominator is so feared by the capitalists, the communists and the so-called remnants alike, who would do their best to destroy the dreaded device before it can be activated.

AI behavior

The AI will use Domination to target any of the following, assuming they are not cloaked:

If all these does not exist, it'll target base defenses, then finally units.


In the following missions, the Psychic Dominator's timer is not shown for the player:

In these missions, Domination's countdown is modified:

Act Two


  • Unlike the Domination in the vanilla Yuri's Revenge that can be activated instantly as soon as it is targeted on the enemy base, the one in Mental Omega has a delay before the actual effect kicks in.
  • Due to engine limitations,[note 1] Domination cannot be used at the same time with the Great Tempest superweapon from the Tempest Architect.


  1. Domination shares the same type as with Great Tempest in the game files.
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