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The Diverbee is a flying kamikaze drone used by Haihead to destroy enemy vehicles and aircraft in fast, surprise attacks.

Official description

Where the Neonwasp, Shadray or Megalodon cannot reach, the Diverbee will. This seemingly harmless little drone aircraft is the reason the Epsilon has deployed much more anti-aircraft weaponry in recent times than ever before. The Diverbee is a single-strike demolition drone that will quickly identify its enemy once given the command, and then launch itself at the target, triggering a powerful explosion that will heavily damage anything in its range. These units have been deployed by Haihead to destroy high priority objects in the enemy tank divisions, infantry batallions and even aircraft squadrons. However, their effectiveness against buildings is average at best, unless assisted by a Syncronin or Syncronaut.[1]


The Diverbee is Haihead's unique suicide unit that follows Haihead's strategy of fast and powerful strikes. Diverbees are used exclusively to take out high priority targets, especially armored units. Its high speed make them quite difficult to escape from once they lock on to a target. Since they are flying air units, Diverbees can launch nasty surprise attacks to any careless commander not expecting a sudden assault. A Diverbee is extremely powerful against vehicles as a single direct hit from one can instantly destroy any tank, while two is enough to effectively destroy most monster tanks. They also deal splash damage, damaging anything that is too close to the Diverbee's impact radius.

Unfortunately, Diverbees are not as destructive as its bigger M.A.D.M.A.N. and Soviet Demolition Truck/Bomb Buggy counterparts. While they are effective counters to vehicles and tanks, they are less effective versus infantry and structures. These suicide units are also quite costly, so it is important not to use them wastefully. They are quite fragile as well, and will fall after taking a few hits from anti-air weapons.

AI behavior

Diverbees controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting vehicles
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Diverbee
  • 2x targeting vehicles
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Diverbee

It is worth noting that all the task forces here will only be built when the AI owns a Cloud Piercer, which is not its prerequisite building.


A new drone based on the unfinished next-gen Hunter Seeker project is now available.
—Foehn intel during Operation: The Great Beyond
Diverbee prototype cameo

In the campaign, Diverbees bear the Allied unit color scheme and cause a conventional explosion instead of a plasma discharge (using the same effects as a barrel explosion and are more effective against light and medium vehicles)[note 1]. The Diverbee prototype requires an Allied War Factory and a Tech Center to be built.


Special Ops

  • In the Epsilon Special Ops mission Split Seconds, enemy Diverbee prototypes appear in the ranks of the Pacific Front.


  • Effective against groups of armored vehicles and aircraft.
  • Very fast and mobile.
  • Decimates lightly armored vehicles and aircraft.
  • 2 Diverbees are capable in destroying most tanks caught within the target area.
  • Very difficult to stop as it dives towards the target.
  • Expensive suicide unit.
  • Not effective against infantry and structures.
  • Small blast radius.
  • Fragile.
  • Vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
  • Only available at Tier 3, after a Cyberkernel Expansion is built.


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  1. The warhead (named DiverbeeOldWH in the game files) have similar damage modifiers to the Foehn Diverbee (named DiverbeeWH in the game files), except against Light and Medium/Harvester, which is 205% and 195% respectively.