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Disruptor is a support power for Russia, available from the Nuclear Converter once a Palace is built. It deploys the namesake anywhere on the battlefield that irradiates the airspace with radiation strong enough to affect aircraft systems and damages their hull, resulting in the affected enemy aircraft (and only enemy aircraft) taking continuous damage and have their firepower reduced.

The Disruptor has a limited lifespan and will self-destruct after a period of time; there is no way to prolong its lifespan as it cannot be repaired at all, even by Engineers and the Maintenance support power. The Disruptor is also unaffected by Force Shield and Invulnerability.

AI behavior

The AI will use Disruptor at the center of their own base (near their Construction Yard), but only when recently attacked.


Use Disruptors to damage and decrease the firepower of enemy aircraft.
—Soviet intel during Operation: The Raven

Act Two

  • The Disruptor debuts as useable support power in The Raven.