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Suppressed repeatedly, the Pacific Front is in danger of disintegration. Before evacuating to a safer place, Norio Tomokawa attempts to help the loyalists recover some of the lost technologies from a base, where a dangerous weapon activated by the Chinese and traitor forces awaits.
—Mission description

Operation: Digital Demon is an Allied Special Operations campaign mission.


Destiny has not been kind to us. The Chinese have easily occupied the entire nation of Japan, and our continuous actions to defend it failed again and again. What's more outrageous is that China's aggression has been supported by the traitors among us, with efforts to make us vulnerable from within. It's clear they are the groups backed by the arms manufacturers antagonistic to the notion of united Allied Nations keeping the world free of war through science. These groups have previously cooperated with China during the independent referendum, and signed the alliance treaty without the consent of other Pacific Front members. This has completely undermined the purpose of our organization and to make things worse, South Korea was inexplicably attacked by China and North Korea, and the forces guarding its borders by now have perished.

According to recent intel reports, South Korea's security was until recently still an important part of their unholy treaty. Such outcome could only be a result either of a sudden violation on North Korea's part or actions of an unknown party. In such a difficult situation, we must scavenge as much of our technology as possible from the hands of the enemy. Our current target is a Kanegawa Industries complex near the Tsugaru Strait, where several new weapons were still under development. Norio will lead a team to escort a K.I. Scientist to these facilities, but be wary of traitors. There's no telling friend from foe.

Objective 1: Escort the K.I. Scientist to the research facilities.
Objective 2: Protect Kanegawa Assemblies until the extraction is done.
Objective 3: Reach the evacuation point.
Objective 4: Keep Norio, the K.I. Scientist and all prototypes safe.


Approaching the Assemblies

As Norio Tomokawa's team arrived at the battlefield sneakily, they were told to reach 3 outposts to retake technology of their own, while the South Korean forces are busy repelling the enemies elsewhere, cannot aid at once. Norio told the commander that there are many traitors of Pacific Front, who sumbitted to China's will. Utilizing limited number of troops, they have contacted outposts one by one. However, only two of them are willing to rejoin these loyalists while the other one refuse to return, even attacked Norio's forces.

The harsh extractions

Every time the Pacific Front extracts technology from the Kanegawa Assemblies, the Chinese and the traitors were attracted to attack them, but all failed. Realizing that the Pacific Front is retaking more and more areas, the traitors even used an experimental cryobeam weapon once, which again aroused Norio's anger.

The other action is to send the composite weapon prototype they've got for upgrades, and use it to deal with the loyalists when upgrade is completed. Although this experimental weapon called Shin Tsurugi Decimator caused some trouble to Norio's team, it has been eventually destroyed with efforts. In addition, the loyalists found another Decimator prototype in the outpost previously controlled by the traitors, but the K.I. Scientist who went to extract the data found that all of them had been deleted, like they've did before. In desperation, this unusable weapon prototype had to be disintegrated aswell.

Eventually, the loyalists had collected data of a kind of negation weapon, and the Hailstorm platform. Time to evacuate.

The exile begins

Norio and other Pacific Front loyalists have to escape from the Chinese-controlled Asian territories, and seek for Australia's help

Knowing that Norio's team was about to withdraw from this area, the South Korean troops rushed to the battlefield in time and sent some escorts. The large forces, still choosing to be loyal to the Pacific Front, assembled from various outposts, concentrated their forces to break through the Chinese base that was blocking the only way, opened a way to sea.

At this time, Norio received news that his help is needed in the outer waters, so he immediately withdrew from the battlefield. Two prototypes and the scientist also evacuated here under the cover of the rest of forces.

When the Pacific Front evacuated the Tsugaru Strait, they escaped the blockade of China and the traitors, entered the vast sea, and began to sail south to seek help from the surviving member states.


The Decimator has been destroyed, meaning we couldn't take back all of the experimental weapons, but we should have enough for future wars. Since our positions in East Asia have all been overrun, we may have no choice but to head towards Australia soon.
—Battlefield report

This action marked that the different parties of Pacific Front had embarked on a completely different path. The loyalists led by Norio integrated as many remnants as possible and fled to Australia to continue their resistance, while regardless of whether voluntary or forced, the remnants remaining in Japan fell back into Chinese control and accepted its command.

A few years later, the Pacific Front loyalists were attacked by the newly-found Epsilon Army by Yuri, and had to go into exile again. Fortunately, the Allied forces from London received their distress signal, and planned to launch an escort operation in the Panama Canal to joint each other.

As for the stranded troops in Japan, they were also invaded by the Epsilon Army later in the next war and had to face a major choice.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 65000
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive and patrol forces are the least in this difficulty.
  • Norio is initially elite status.
  • The traitor's Shin Tsurugi Decimator will start moving after about 20 minutes when the mission starts.
  • Chinese forces will not build EMP Control Station.
  • All mines, part of enemy defenses and untis will be removed.
  • A veterancy crate is present at the player's starting position.
  • 4 Kappa Tanks, 6 Navy SEALs and 8 Rocketeers will be given after Norio talked about the traitors.
  • The enemy will not use paratroopers to harass the player.
  • An Ore Refinery at bottom left base is replaced by a Tech Center.


  • Starting credits: 55000
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive and patrol forces are average in this difficulty.
  • Norio is initially veteran status.
  • The traitor's Shin Tsurugi Decimator will start moving after about 15 minutes when the mission starts.
  • The cooldown of EM Pulse is 18:00.
  • 4 Kappa Tanks and 6 Navy SEALs will be given after Norio talked about the traitors.
  • Part of enemy mines and defenses will be removed.
  • Two Tech Artillery Bunkers and one Tech SAM Bunker at outer area of Chinese base are belonged to the Chinese forces.


  • Starting credits: 45000
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive and patrol forces are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • Norio is initially rookie status.
  • The traitor's Shin Tsurugi Decimator will start moving after about 10 minutes when the mission starts.
  • The cooldown of EM Pulse is 12:00.
  • Most tech defenses on the map are belonged to the Chinese forces.
  • The Tech Academy, Tech Aeronautics and Tech Heavy Machinery on the map are belonged to the Chinese forces.
  • Only a heal crate will be generated right after each extraction completes, veterancy crates will not appear.

Easter egg

  • To take control of the enemy Shin Tsurugi Decimator, you must send the KI Scientist into all 3 Kanegawa Assemblies in the order listed below (Note: The enemy Decimator must remain active during the entire duration of this easter egg):
    • Top Left
    • Bottom Left
    • Top Right
  • Once you put the KI Scientist into the top right Assembly, you'll be given temporary control of the Decimator. A message will also be shown:
Good news. With data from the Assemblies, we took control over the Decimator. We fear however the Chinese will be able to terminate our connection in 6 minutes.