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Devourer is a Foehn support power available from their Reprocessor. It launches a ball of nanites which, upon impact, will release a nanocloud larger than ones created by a Huntresses' weapon, and on par with ones created by Archelons, which gruesomely consumes enemy infantry who are unlucky enough to be where it impacts.

The nanites, however, will make good use of what's left of the consumed infantry as "materials" to allow any Foehn infantry in the nanocloud's vicinity to quickly recover from any damage/injuries sustained, making the Devourer both a valuable offensive and defensive support power. The healing nanoclouds will only appear if the opposing infantry were killed by the initial nanocloud.

One-hit targets

Devourer will kill the following infantry at full health in one hit. Units marked by an asterisk (*) will survive once they are veteran.

AI behavior

The AI will use Devourer to target the largest enemy infantry blob present. Ignores cloaked targets.