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It will be a silent spring!
—A Desolator

The Desolator is an infamous heavy infantry used by all Soviet factions except China, who uses the more powerful Eradicators instead, that can annihilate enemy troops and poison the land with his rad cannon.

Official description

The aptly named Desolator is the bane of any organic lifeform. A man in a heavy anti-radiation suit, the Desolator can traverse and resist any radioactive hazards. Coupled with a shoulder-mounted radiation cannon, the Desolator can melt any infantry into a puddle of residue in seconds. The potent rad beam is even powerful enough to damage armored vehicles, regardless of how heavily armored they are.

If the situation requires it, the Desolator can deploy his cannon as well to defend an area. Planting it into the earth and pumping lethal doses of radiation into the ground, he can make the surrounding area dangerous for any infantry to traverse, not to mention the ecological damage caused due to the radiation. In short, the Desolator is a walking affront to environmental stability.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

Returning from the original game but now available to all Soviet subfactions besides China, the Desolator is by far one of the most powerful infantry the Soviet has to offer. Its main weapon is the rad cannon which enables them to fire powerful radioactive beams that dissolve any organic target as it pleases. Its rad cannon are powerful enough to kill light infantry with a single shot. These cannons are also powerful enough to damage any non-robotic vehicles as well, and can stand its ground against main battle tanks. The Desolator also deploy themselves allowing them to contaminate the surface around it to deny access for any hostile ground troops; even ships and submarines aren't safe from them. Once deployed they will continue to irradiate the surface until they are ordered to move. Their suit makes them immune to radiation especially their own weapon and grant immunity to Dogs and Spooks.

Due to their instantaneous and reliable damage output, they are an excellent choice as passengers inside the Confederation's Catastrophe Tanks; it addresses the monster tank's weakness against infantry, making the Catastrophe an all-around unit that can be mass produced.

Unfortunately, they have a few setbacks. One thing to known that deploying Desolator can harm friends and foes thus it is necessary to be caution on using it if any unit is nearby. Their rad cannon are useless against buildings, rogue Desolators/Eradicators and Robotic units making them a sitting duck against them. Epsilon magnetic weapon can hinder them as well.

AI behavior

Desolators controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x loaded inside a Catastrophe Tank
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Catastrophe with the same passenger
  • 2x loaded inside a Borillo; accompanied by 4 Shock/Tesla Troopers
  • 3x targeting infantry or vehicles
  • 3x guarding Flak Cannons or Tesla Coils


  • 3x targeting anything

Outside of scripted sequences in the campaign, the AI is not programmed to use the Desolator's deploy ability.


Act One

  • Desolators first appear in Bleed Red, where the ally will send some as final reinforcements after the main US base has been purged out. They cannot be controlled by player however, unless playing the mission by some sort of abnormal order to get them shortly.
  • Formally, Desolators mark their first appearance as a controllable unit in the next mission Golden Gate.
  • They are first trainable in Idle Gossip.

Act Two

  • Starting from Earthrise, the Desolator is replaced by the Eradicator in the player's main arsenal.



  • Nearly unmatched against most infantry.
  • Powerful in numbers.
  • When deployed, cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • When deployed, Desolators can irradiate the surface, making passing through ground lethal to infantry and light vehicles.
  • Their radiation field can also penetrate water, damaging enemy submerged units and revealing them.
  • Desolator's weapon is quite effective against vehicles.
  • Decent attack range.
  • Very powerful when inside a Catastrophe Tank.
  • Immune to radiation.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Vulnerable to long-ranged anti-infantry weaponry and air units.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.
  • Susceptible to mind control and confusion rays.
  • Completely useless against structures, robotic units, and enemy Desolators/Eradicators.
  • Immobile while deployed.
  • Deployed Desolator's radiation can harm friendly units.

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