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The future begins now.
—Cyborg Vanguard

The Cyborg Vanguard is a Chinese (later taken by Russia, however) heavy infantry unit that only appears in the campaign and in certain skirmish maps as unbuildable units. These towering soldiers clad in body armor are based from the same technology that created Volkov and is a menacing presence to be encountered in the battlefield.

Official description

Cyborg Prototypes[note 1] are the secret attempts by the Chinese at creating their own cybernetic weapons, using information gained from reverse engineering Russia’s mighty commando, Volkov. Though by far not as powerful as their progenitor, the Prototypes are still a powerful threat, mowing down infantry and razing structures with little to no effort, their mechanical bodies taking more punishment than any normal soldier ever could.[1]


While normally unavailable in the current build of Mental Omega aside from very special circumstances (see the Appearances section below), Cyborg Vanguards are powerful forces of destruction that will decimate anything on the ground with little effort - infantry units perish almost instantly from their high-powered chainguns, and their nuclear grenades will destroy vehicles and level entire structures with a few short barrages.

Although Volkov still possesses supernatural durability over them, Cyborg Vanguards are still ridiculously hardy units that can withstand immense punishment that would kill a regular infantry unit many times over.

As they are machines, they have inherent immunity from the majority of battlefield hazards (poison, radiation, mind control, etc.) that would normally plague an organic being. They are still vulnerable to EMP and magnetic weaponry though, and massed anti-personnel fire will still pose a threat to these killing automatons. Aircraft is another danger they should avoid, as they cannot retaliate against them.


"What the hell are those things.."
"If it wasn't for those conical hats, I'd say that's.. Volkovs?"
—Reznov and Krukov during Operation: Cyberanatomy

Act Two

  • Cyborg Vanguards are among the Chinese forces present in Cyberanatomy and Heartwork. In Heartwork, all of them must be destroyed by the player-controlled Russians.
  • Shortly after Meltdown begins, a squad of Cyborg Vanguards expropriated by Russia will paradrop in the base to aid the player.
  • Cyborg Vanguards can be trained from the Barracks in Earthrise once an Industrial Plant is established.
  • Cyborg Vanguards are still available to the player in Fatal Impact and Death's Hand. In the latter one, elite Vanguards can be requisitioned via the Moon Drop support power.

Special Ops

  • In Dawnbreaker, once the player proceeds past the initial Epsilon position, 24 Cyborg Vanguards (12 on Mental difficulty) will paradrop into the area to aid the Russians. They will be unlocked to train after finishing the Apocalypse blueprint.
  • In Brothers in Arms, Cyborg Vanguards can be trained by the task force on the central side of the map.


  • In the Ironwall Challenge, Cyborg Vanguards are among the enemy Chinese forces.
  • Cyborg Vanguards appear in the Revolution Challenge as part of the enemy Chinese forces, and spawn near the bottom right corner. Destroying the Nanocentrifuge causes them to stop appearing.



  • Massive health pool for ground infantry.
  • Excellent counter to hoards of infantry.
  • A group of 5 Cyborg Vanguards can take out a construction yard in a matter of seconds.
  • Can destroy tanks with ease using nuclear grenades.
  • Long attack range for both weapons.
  • Invulnerable to dogs, spooks and terror drones.
  • Immune to most battlefield hazards.
  • Despite not being heroes, Cyborg Vanguards cannot be abducted.
  • Cannot be crushed by any vehicle.
  • Slow-moving.
  • Can only be obtained in certain circumstances (see Appearances).
  • Vulnerable to EMP.
  • Helpless against large amounts of anti infantry aircraft.
  • Still vulnerable to sustained fire from anti-infantry weapons.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 3.3.1, the Cyborg Vanguard was known as Cyborg Prototype. It appeared in 3.0 as a Soviet stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating any of the enemy Soviet labs.



  1. This official description is written during version 3.0, where the Cyborg Vanguard is known as Cyborg Prototype (see Behind the Scenes).