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They will know fear.
—Cyborg Commando

The Cyborg Commando is a secret hero unlocked by fully developing the tech trees and infiltrating all labs of all four factions.


In order to unlock the Cyborg Commando, the labs of all four factions (Tech Center, Pandora Hub, Cloud Piercer and either Palace, Battle Lab or Atomheart) must be infiltrated and Barracks of all four factions along with at least one Tier 3 access structure must be owned.

However, if one somehow manages to unlock the Cyborg Commando, their efforts would not have been for nothing. It is an extremely powerful unit that is capable of taking and dealing absurd amounts of damage. Its plasma cannon deals devastating amounts of splash damage over a wide area, allowing it to stand alone against just about any unit in the mod and yet emerge as the last one standing. Finally, to top it all off, it is immune to most battlefield effects, Attack Dog bites, Spook claws, being crushed by any vehicle, and even Terror Drones, that will have to resort to using its claws similarly to the Space Commando.

As unstoppable as it sounds, however, the Cyborg Commando has some key weaknesses: It is helpless against aircraft, still not immune to Chitzkoi’s attacks, has a slow rate of fire, and finally, as an infantry unit, is still vulnerable to anti-infantry fire despite its large health pool and being a cyborg. Hordes of Wolfhounds or other gunships can tear apart a Cyborg Commando without fear of retalliation, which is why it still needs support on the battlefield.


Act Two

  • The Cyborg Commando can be obtained as an easter egg in Juggernaut, by destroying the buildings around the hotel near the top left corner.




  • Strong against all ground targets.
  • Automatically heals self and immune to most battlefield hazards.
  • Very durable.
  • Cannot be crushed by any vehicles.
  • Deals tremendous splash damage over a wide area.
  • Cannot be attacked by Attack Dogs, Spooks and Terror Drones.
  • Expensive ($2500).
  • Cannot fire on air units.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Its Plasma Cannon can deal potentially severe friendly fire, considering its immense splash damage.
  • Unrealistically difficult prerequisites and effectively impossible to unlock against human opponents.
  • It is usually easier to defeat opponents the conventional way instead of trying to unlock the Cyborg Commando.
  • Still vulnerable to concentrated attacks from anti-infantry weapons.
  • Chitzkoi can still eliminate it with one attack.

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