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For the parent structure, see Cyberkernel.

The Cyberkernel Expansion is an add-on for the Haihead Cyberkernel, which grants them full access to the Haihead's arsenal, and providing support powers to assist their forces while hindering their enemies' chances of retaliation.

Official description

To acquire full access to their technology, each of the Foehn Revolt's subfaction must upgrade a technology building which corresponds to its technology and strategy choice. This is why Haihead will aim to construct an Expansion for the Cyberkernel, the Wings of Coronia will upgrade the Cloud Piercer and the Last Bastion will focus on developing an addition to the Nanofiber Loom.

Each of the upgrades requires construction of all three major technology buildings of Foehn beforehand and each will additionally provide unique support powers for the commanders to use.[1]


Other than opening access to Haihead's top level units and structures (including the almighty M.A.D.M.A.N.), the Cyberkernel Expansion grants the Haihead commander the following support powers:

Support power Description
A ballistic missile that utilizes similar technology to the anti-structure hacking used by Ramwagons, it is launched from the Cyberkernel towards the target location, and upon impact, creates a powerful scrambler pulse that briefly shuts down any structure caught in the missile's blast radius. This support power costs $1200 and needs 7:00 to recharge.
Haihead commanders are able to boost nearby armor of Megalodons, while vaporizing infantry (excluding heroes) instantly who get too close to the mecha walkers through deploying a special shield generator anywhere on the battlefield. The Megaarena Projector as it is known and feared by Haihead's enemies cost $1500 to deploy and requires 5:30 to recharge.
Similar to the Signal Inhibitor and the Raccoon, Haihead commanders can summon a ring that jams enemy transmission signals, preventing support powers from being used in a large radius around the targeted location for a period of time. While it also prevents the use of superweapons, it does not stop reconnaissance powers from being used. The Signal Jammer is free but has a cooldown of 5:30.

Once Haihead has installed a Cyberkernel Expansion, it becomes very important for them to defend the Cyberkernel, as they will lose a myriad of their access to their high technology as well as the aforementioned attributes of the Cyberkernel once it is destroyed.

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