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For the add-on exclusive to Haihead, see Cyberkernel Expansion.

The Cyberkernel is one of the three essential structures for the Foehn that grants access to more advanced technologies. It also provides radar and reconnaissance support for the commander.

The Haihead must upgrade the Cyberkernel with an expansion to allow them to access the entire Foehn arsenal.

Official description

To expand their network of influence beyond the Last Bastion's territory, the Foehn Revolt aims to construct more Cyberkernels around the world. These structures are their intelligence collection hubs, communication centers and supercomputers in one, making them an important target for the Revolt's enemies. In addition to enabling some of the advanced technology, the Cyberkernel provides access to the radar and the scouting support power in the form of Recon Sortie, which summons two drones that will reveal the shroud in a straight line of their flight over the battlefield.

To acquire the full technology access, Haihead needs to add an Expansion to the Cyberkernel, which becomes available after all three of Foehn's technology structures have been built.[1]


Other than granting access to various Foehn support units and grids, the Cyberkernel provides the following support power to benefit its role as a radar structure:

Support power Description
Type: Scout Power
Cost: Free
Recharge Time: 4:00

Deploys 2 uncontrollable Recon Probes anywhere on the battlefield
Recon Probes reveal shroud immediately on deployment

Left-click icon then left-click on target location

Due to its multiple and significant roles, the Cyberkernel is vulnerable to infiltration and/or oncoming attacks especially if it is undefended, so a Foehn commander should place walls and defenses around it. This is more important for a Haihead commander once they have a Cyberkernel Expansion as they will lose a myriad of their access to their high technology as well as the aforementioned attributes of the Cyberkernel once it is destroyed. The same goes for the Nanofiber Loom and Cloud Piercer, as lacking even one of these important structures mean that the Foehn commander won't be able to construct their respective expansions from their subfactions.

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