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Shortly after an attempt to reform the Soviet alliance, Reznov and Krukov receive a worrisome message from an agent deep within the Chinese lands about suspicious activity in Xinjiang.
—Mission description

Operation: Cyberanatomy is the eleventh Soviet cooperative mission.


As the Russians and the Chinese negotiate in Singapore to fight Yuri together, Reznov and Krukov are investigating PsiCorps activity in China in recent years. However, an agent of theirs claims to have found something even worse. He was recently imprisoned by the Chinese in one of their camps in Xinjiang. The agent is now hiding in the northern outpost. Go there and rescue him. The only bridge to that outpost has been destroyed and we can't repair it. There's a captive Engineer in a prison. Rescue him, so he fixes the bridge.

Objective 1: Reach the northern outpost and contact the agent.

Objective 2: Enter the base and capture the Atomheart.

Objective 3: Get Reznov and Krukov to the Kamaz for evac.


Contacting the agent

Once Reznov and Krukov arrived at the region, they had to reach the outpost where the agent was hiding. However, the only bridge to reach it was destroyed, so they had to look out for an engineer that could repair the bridge.

After fighting Chinese troops and cyborg prototypes resembling Volkov, they found a prison camp with an engineer inside, which they decided to free. Once he was freed, the Chinese got alerted from a prison break and sent troops quickly to stop it, but they failed.

After repairing the bridge, the duo proceeded to contact the agent, who was working along with a Soviet engineer. They informed about the suspicious activity in the base and gave an instruction on how to get inside and retrieve information.

Infiltrating the base

The agent helped in the infiltration of the base via an industrial zone that didn't had much guards, placing barrels by the wall to blow it up and create a hole.

The duo had to fight patrols of Eradicators and Halftracks to get in the core of the base, but apparently the Atomheart that had to be infiltrated was surrounded by Tesla Coils. The agent (saboteur) claimed to be skilled enough to disable them by infiltrating the Field Bureau that controlled the defenses. The duo made quick work of the patrols around the Field Bureau to let the agent get in without problems. With the agent in, the Tesla Coils got disabled.

However the Chinese discovered that their data was about to get stolen, so they decided to purge it before it got stolen, but the Engineer with the help of the duo could get inside the Atomheart in time and transfer the data to the Russians.


The data was transferred, and a Kamaz truck arrived to the starting location of the map to evacuate the duo. However the Chinese already noticed their presence and sent a lot of reinforcements, along with some Eradicators to cut their escape route.

The duo had to fight waves of Pyros, Tesla Troopers and Conscripts trying to catch them. Even Heavy Troopers were deployed to try to stop them, but it was too late since the duo already reached the Kamaz truck and left the area in time.


Reznov and Krukov immediately reported the result of the China survey to the command center after completing their assignment and moved to the location of the Nanocentrifuge they obtained at the research facility. Soon after, they met with the Soviet General once they had apart from Stalington. The next operation would soon begin.

Difficulty changes


  • After capturing Atomheart, 2 Tesla Coils blocking the bottom left industrial area will self-destruct, and players will receive text of escaping through this way.
  • Less enemy ambushes will appear.
  • The number of enemy intercepting troops are the least in this difficulty.


  • Speed of two colonels' self-healing is slower.


  • Speed of two colonels' self-healing is slower.
  • 2 Eradicators will guard the Atomheart.
  • The number of enemy intercepting troops are the most numerous in this difficulty.

Easter egg

Wow, is that a life-size Moai replica?

Destroy the Moai building found at top left of the northern outpost where the Saboteur is hiding to receive an armor crate.