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Once a Tech Center is built, Cryoshot will be replaced with Cryospear, which lasts slightly longer and can now immobilize every vehicle, making it more effective to stop armies dead in their tracks, but has a longer recharge time. Otherwise, Cryospear is functionally identical to Cryoshot.

AI behavior

The AI will use Cryospear to target the player's largest group of units. Ignores cloaked targets.


The K.I. continues their work on new tech and helped us upgrade the Cryoshot into Cryospear.
—Allied intel during Operation: Ghost Hunt

Act Two

  • Cryospear is first usable in Ghost Hunt.
  • In the Casual and Normal difficulties of Convergence and Paranoia, Cryospear can be activated without the need of Arsenal Depot and Tech Center.