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Cryoshot is a support power available for the Allies from the Arsenal Depot. It fires a lesser cryo beam similar to that used by Cryocopters that freezes infantry and light vehicles caught in its wake, immobilizing them for a short time. Cryoshot can be used to great effect to stall enemies in a similar vein to PsiCorps' Magnetron, but do note that immobilized vehicles still can attack if they have a turret or are facing their target.

Unlike Cryocopters' cryobeam, Cryoshot has no effect on the victims' armor. It also cannot affect medium and heavy vehicles.

The Cryoshot will be replaced by Cryospear once a Tech Center is built.

AI behavior

The AI will use Cryoshot to target the largest enemy infantry blob present. Ignores cloaked targets.


It must have been that aerial cryobeam cannon, the traitors got it started! Its control panel is not here, but fortunately they cannot recharge it quickly.
—Norio during Operation: Digital Demon

Special Ops

  • In Digital Demon, after the player has extracted the first technology data, the traitors will use Cryoshot, but only once. Norio will be angry at this kind of stealing by the traitors.

Act Two

  • Cryoshot is available for the first time in Stone Cold Crazy. Once the Arsenal Depot is captured, Cryoshot will be unlocked.