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The Cryomines are landmines used by the Pacific Front.

Official description

While the Cryomines' uniquely mixed cryo charge combined with a light explosive doesn't deal a lot of damage to enemy units on its own, and is not capable of completely immobilizing them in place like the other cryo-based weaponry, it is still very effective in disrupting enemy formations. The charge causes a rapid but short-lasting deep freeze, which results in a simultaneous decrease of the affected objects' armor and speed. This makes Cryomines much more versatile in use compared to the others.[1]


Cryomines give Pacific Front an additional defense option against hordes of vehicles, especially those fast units. More importantly, it is independent from power supply, so a Pacific Front base is far from defenseless from vehicle waves during a power outage (e.g. power sabotaged by an enemy spy) in comparison to other Allied subfactions.

As Cryomines require a period of time before arming themselves, they must be placed ahead of time, preferably in chokepoints where ground troops have no choice but to pass through the mine-infested area.

Cryomines not only affect enemy ground units' speed but also armor, that makes other Pacific Front units can kill enemy who triggered Cryomines easier.


Act One

  • Cryomines first appears in Think Different as enemy structure (Mental difficulty only).

Act Two

Special Ops

  • In Digital Demon, Cryomines can be built via support power if the base at northeast or southwest is retaken. The support power has 3:00 cooldown and costs $400 in each deployment.
  • In the first phase of Time Capsule, Cryomines are one of many one-time support powers that can be found in crates scattered around the battlefield. The Cryomines crate can be found near the location of the Mastermind prototype, and it can only be deployed around Yunru.

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