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The Cryomines are landmines used by the Pacific Front.

Official description

While the Cryomines' uniquely mixed cryo charge combined with a light explosive doesn't deal a lot of damage to enemy units on its own, and is not capable of completely immobilizing them in place like the other cryo-based weaponry, it is still very effective in disrupting enemy formations. The charge causes a rapid but short-lasting deep freeze, which results in a simultaneous decrease of the affected objects' armor and speed. This makes Cryomines much more versatile in use compared to the others.[1]



Act One

  • Cryomines first appears in Think Different as enemy structure (Mental difficulty only).

Special Ops

  • In Digital Demon, Cryomines can be built via support power if the base at northeast or southwest is retaken. The support power has 3:00 cooldown and costs $400 in each deployment.

Act Two

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