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Let's run some field tests!
—A Cryocopter pilot ready for assignment

The Cryocopter is an Allied support helicopter capable of freezing enemies to stop them in their tracks and make them fragile.

Official description

A project postponed numerous times by the Kanegawa Industries, the Cryocopter is an unorthodox support aircraft capable of using a sophisticated cryobeam, which can draw out all heat in an object, turning it frozen-solid after a short period of time. The benefits of such effect on the battlefield are crystal clear: the object is put into a state of suspended animation, meaning it can no longer move or perform its actions as long as it is under a Cryocopter beam's effect.

Additionally, the cryobeam makes the affected objects extremely fragile in a state of deep freeze, making them very vulnerable to even the weakest of firearms. Even the largest of buildings or the most sturdy of tanks will be quickly shattered into pieces once fired at while the Cryocopter is doing its very fine work. Always be wary, as the Cryocopter has no other weapons of its own to fend off enemy units.[1]


A completely frozen Construction Yard is instantly destroyed by one Barracuda run.

The primary function of the Cryocopter is to hamper major threats or neutralize critical structures by slowly freezing them. When a target is frozen, the target ceases to function. At the same time, the target becomes extremely fragile and vulnerable to attacks. When the target is frozen, combat units are expected to deliver the final blow, because the Cryocopter cannot directly harm any target on its own.

When used defensively, the Cryocopter can be a great way to neutralize artillery units before they are able to reach and destroy the commander's base defenses. Offensively, it can disable defensive structures and production facilities, facilitating the siege of an enemy base. It can also indirectly kill some amphibious vehicles by fully freezing and sinking them when they are over water. Some examples are Kappa Tank, Repair Drone, Magnetron, amphibious transports.

It is worth noting that multiple cryobeams brought to bear on the same individual target will not improve the freezing rate. Freezing a target however is tedious because it takes time and requires constant channeling of the cryobeam. When the beam stops attacking the target, the effects of freezing are quickly worn off.

Weapon stages

There are a total of 6 freezing stages before the target of the Cryocopter is completely frozen. As each stage progresses, the armor of the unit/building is slowly reduced. Speed is also reduced to zero in the case of units.

  • Stage 1: Lasts until 100 frames or 6.7 in-game seconds. (-20% armor)
  • Stage 2: Lasts until 150 frames or 10 in-game seconds. (-30% armor)
  • Stage 3: Lasts until 200 frames or 13.3 in-game seconds. (-40% armor, -20% speed for vehicles and ships, immobilizes infantry)
  • Stage 4: Lasts until 250 frames or 16.7 in-game seconds. (-50% armor, -40% speed for vehicles and ships, immobilizes infantry)
  • Stage 5: Lasts until 400 frames or 26.7 in-game seconds. (-70% armor, immobilizes units)
  • Stage 6: Once it reaches 600 frames or 40 in-game seconds, the firing timer will stop increasing. Lasts indefinitely until ordered elsewhere or target is destroyed. (-95% armor, disables the target)

AI behavior

The AI uses an exclusive variant where its only difference is that it cannot force fire on the ground without a specific target.

Cryocopters controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x guarding Patriot Missiles or Prism Towers
  • 1x targeting base defenses or production structures
  • 1x targeting ore miners
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Cryocopter
  • 1x targeting tech buildings or garrisonable structures
  • 1x targeting infantry or vehicles
  • USAicon.png 2x targeting anything, accompanied by 4 Warhawks


We're deploying these new Cryocopters that we developed in cooperation with KI Scientists. Use them to freeze your enemies and their buildings solid, to make them immobile, useless and fragile.
—Allied intel during Operation: Hysteria

Act Two

  • The Cryocopters are first deployed in Hysteria, required to freeze enemy coastguards.
  • In Reality Check, Cryocopters need to be prioritized so as to prevent them from freezing Libra solid.

Special Ops

  • The restricted Pacific Front forces in Japan finished Cryocopter project in Split Seconds. In Origins mission Tainted Empire, it will be unlocked a while after retaking the Pacific Front outpost.


  • Great mobility and speed.
  • Decent effective range.
  • Slowly freezes target and when target is frozen, it halts all enemy actions; this includes buildings.
  • The durability of the frozen object drops harshly, making it very vulnerable to all types of damage.
  • Some amphibious vehicles can be sunk when they are fully frozen and over water.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Expensive support unit ($1400).
  • Does not directly harm enemies.
  • Cannot attack aircraft.
  • Vulnerable to anti-air threats.
  • Freezing targets is time consuming.
  • Can only freeze one target at a time.
  • Somewhat fragile.
  • Micromanagement-intensive, especially if multiple Cryocopters are operating in close proximity to each other.


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