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Say freeze.
—Cryo Commando

The Cryo Commando is an Allied infantry that appeared in 3.0 as a stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating a rogue Tech Center.

The sprite of the Cryo Commando is reused by Siegfried in the campaign.

Official description

When a rogue Allied commander’s Tech Center has been infiltrated, the stolen research can be utilized in order to train Cryo Commando’s. These elite soldiers are outfitted with some of the best technology the Allied forces have to offer. Cryo Commando’s are equipped with chrono-backpacks much like those donned by Chrono Legionnaires and a weapon that can dramatically reduce the speed of anything it targets and shatter infantry with a blast of sub-zero temperatures.

These frostbitten warriors are often deployed for more clandestine missions such as the elimination of high priority targets. With the commando’s being able to appear anywhere, reduce a target to icy remains, and disappear in the blink of an eye has left many enemy military figureheads in paranoia. Even in the comfort of their own homes.[1]

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