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Gravity? What's that?
—A Cosmonaut expresses his excitement about weightlessness

In version 1.2, the Cosmonaut can be built if the player owns a Tech Time Machine.

In the 2.x series, additionally, the player's faction has to be Soviet. In Lost Colony mode, the Cosmonaut serves as the basic infantry of the Soviet Alliance while the Tech Time Machine unlocks the Cyborg for the Soviet players.

Official description


During the Soviet war against Yuri's forces, the Red Army has stolen projects of the Allied Rocketeer infantry. After upgrades, they have created their own version designed for the battle with Yuri on the moon, where they had to eliminate his Command Center. Armed with laser guns instead of standard machine guns, they are capable of turning anything to ashes, be it on the ground or in the air - it will end the same way in each case. This unit can be built only when Soviets capture a Time Machine.[1]


Used during the Soviet operation on the moon, then for Soviet researches on Yuri's natural satellite, and now can be used on Earth! Cosmonauts are very similar to Allied Rocketeers, although they have better armor and weaponry - small but effective laser cannons, which are perfect weapons against infantry and buildings. Many Cosmonauts can also take out heaviest vehicles easily. Effectiveness of its weapon may also be noticed when used against aircraft.[2]


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