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The Soviets are observing Rashidi's progress. The American pursuers are eliminated, but the Russians have deployed Terror Drones to destroy the MCV prototype.
—Mission description

Cornered is a former Epsilon cooperative mission. It was previously the third Epsilon cooperative mission until it was removed to make room for Metaphor.


While the Allied forces had been stopped, it appeared the Soviets had followed the trail of the Stalin's Fist and ruins of the American bases. They had deployed their Terror Drones to quickly scout the mountains and deserts for the presence of rebels in the area. If a Terror Drone hunted down the prototype MCV, all would lost. Rashidi suggested hiding it in one of underground Scorpion Cell tunnel networks, however it would take time before his allies reached the entrance. At that time, there only had several Gatling Tanks to take out the Terror Drones before the Soviets destroyed the MCV.


Two Mantis Tanks were destroyed by Terror Drones before the arrival of the MCV prototype. Eight Gatling Tanks replaced them to cover the MCV. The enemy's Terror Drones came from all directions, and it would be very easy to deploy two Gatling Tanks in one direction.

The entire guarding process lasted only 5 minutes. Rashidi called MCV into the underground passage after his men were ready.


The Scorpion Cell blocked the Soviet's interception, which allowed Rashidi to transfer his Construction Yard Prototype to a more secretive place until the Americans again discovered it through raiding an assault at this underground bunker.