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An unidentified, heavily contagious poison has been deployed by the Scorpion Cell in one of their bases in Africa. It appears it is being contained in fragile barrels scattered in a canyon controlled by many of their forces. Don't get infected.
—Map description

Contagion Challenge is the eighth Challenge map, where the challengers face off against three Scorpion Cell armies and a large number of toxic barrels.


Unlike most of other challenges, the challengers have no initial access to Tech Hospitals nor Tech Machine Shops - while one of each is located near the starting position, both are quickly destroyed by a swarm of Bloaticks. This forces the challengers to capture their enemies' Tech Hospitals and Tech Machine Shops, which are located at the enemy bases.

Around the map (most notably near the starting position), there are a large number of tunnels that continually pump out poison clouds which cannot be destroyed and will deal constant damage to all units of the challengers. The middle of the map is patrolled by a large number of toxic Invaders (which can be distinguished from normal Invaders by their green colour) that will continuously spawn poison clouds to the ground.

The enemy also has access to a large number of Scavengers; The central Scorpion Cell base is defended by Rashidi himself who has an increased health of 1000, and is home to two War Factories and three Cloning Vats.

Building changes/additions

  • Tech Nuclear Plants have increased power output from 1000 to 1200.

Unit changes/additions

  • Invaders, Stingers, Gatling Tanks, Mantis Tanks, Plague Splatters and Tyrants are all built as veterans. For infantry, Duneriders and Viruses are trained as veterans.
  • Mantis Tank fire anti-tank shells similar to the Scavenger's, making them more effective against armor and buildings.
  • The weapons of toxic Invaders, Malver, Scourges, Mantis Tanks, Speeder Trikes and Tyrants immediately releases similar poison clouds.
  • All toxic Invaders, toxic barrels, Mantis Tanks, Speeder Trikes, Plague Splatters, Oxidizers and Scavengers will explode in toxic pills and poison clouds when destroyed, and this kind of poison cloud will infect the challengers' units when they pass through, causing them to unleash poison clouds permanently.
  • Rashidi, Mantis Tanks, Oxidizers, Shrike Drones and jet aircraft are immune to poison clouds.

Starting point Tech buildings


  • The challenge's map is a modified version of a skirmish map Mount Mirage.

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