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The Construction Yard Prototype was the prototype-stage of the Epsilon's Construction Yard during the Third World War. It cannot build anything and the few differences that it has with its finished counterpart are some missing parts and not having an Epsilon symbol.



  • In Retaliation, it appears as an MCV and will shortly leave with Rashidi using a Zubr at the start of the mission.
  • In the cut Epsilon Co-Op mission Cornered, it reappears as an MCV and must be protected from the Russian-deployed Terror Drones until the tunnel is opened.

Act One

  • The Construction Yard Prototype was only seen deployed in action at Todgha Gorge, Morocco, during Landlocked. It was being studied by the Allies located there and must be destroyed/captured before they realize who it really belongs to.

Behind the scenes

  • Back in 3.0, the Construction Yard Prototype has a unique build-up animation for itself (presumably used for testing purposes). The animation is no longer used as of 3.3.

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