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The Congress of Singapore is the headquarters of the government of Singapore, and the location chosen for the alliance negotiations between Russia and China during the Mental Omega War.


As the Russians grow desperate in their war against the renewed Allied Nations and the emerging Epsilon Army, they decide to give their Chinese enemies another chance at an alliance. The Chinese accept and inform the Russians that the place of meeting would be the Congress of Singapore.

With all the leaders of Russia and China gathered at the same location, Yuri launches a massive assault on Singapore. With the help of Chinese forces, the Soviet General mounts a defence around the congress until the Chinese reinforcements arrive to drive the Epsilon forces from the Congress. Unfortunately for the General, the meeting ended in failure and the World Socialist Alliance was not re-established.


Act Two

  • The Congress of Singapore is the critical structure in Juggernaut, which is dedicated to protecting it from a relentless Epsilon attack. It can only be repaired by Engineers or the Tech Maintenance Center; the repair button cannot be used on the Congress.


  • The Congress of Singapore is based off the unused Westwood Stock Exchange building from vanilla Red Alert 2.