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The Comm Tower is a tower that is used by the Allied Nations for communication use.


Act One

  • Two Comm Towers owned by European Alliance and Pacific Front appeared in the Soviet mission Idle Gossip. They pretend to use them to coordinate with the remaining American forces, but actually scavenging whatever tech that the Americans was left behind. The Soviet General was tasked to infiltrate the European tower in order to acquire information. After the Soviet MCV landed, the Generals' forces destroyed both Towers to deny the EA-PF coalition further communication and access to US technology.

Act Two

  • In Godsend, there are three Comm Towers in the city. If Yuri's Proselyte captured all of them, the Allies' defenses on the south side of river would be sold out, making the Epsilon Armys advance into the city much easier.


  • In Tainted Empire, the Epsilon had secured two Comm Towers from the hands of the Pacific Front. VOLKNET must recapture them to acquire information about recent events for the Revolt.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the Comm Towers in Idle Gossip were called Radio Towers and used models of two civilian structures with the same name.