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The Comet Fence is an advanced wall used by the European Alliance. It is the result of further research to the Prism technology developed by SteinsTech.[1]

The Comet Fence was replaced by the Coordnode in 3.3.

Official description

The Comet Fence is the Euro Alliance's advanced re-envisioning of simple walls. It is virtually indestructible with the posts that generate prism links being the only vulnerable points.[2]


Since the Comet Fence is removed prior to version 3.3, all of it's appearance are either removed completely or replaced by Concrete or Allied walls.

  • The Comet Fence makes it debut in Idle Gossip. It blocks the path to the Euro Allies' Radio Tower and must be powered down to proceed. After the first objective is complete, it will self-destruct.
  • In Panic Cycle, Comet Fences surround a certain perimeter of SteinsTech Laboratory and the Chronosphere. This is also the first mission where it's buildable.
  • In the cooperative Attack on Buggy, several deactivated Comet Fences are located around the map near damaged barricades. An Allied Commander can capture the nearby Power Plants to activate the Fences and its nearby defenses.

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