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While the Allies were battling the Soviets in Southern France, they took control over a massive napalm storage unit. Morales and two Confederation taskforces are sent to recover it.
—Mission description

Operation: Combustion is the ninth Soviet cooperative mission.


The Allies are fighting back, trying to retake major territories in Southern France. In one of skirmishes, they captured one of our Napalm Storages in Montpellier. After losing white phosphorus in Mexico, we cannot afford to lose supplies here. Right now only two infantry squads led by Morales himself are at the position. Each team will take a different path. A bridge must be repaired so they can meet. Once they do, we will take the supplies back and extract them by a sky route. Keep this Engineer alive. He must repair the bridge to let us regroup our forces.

Objective 1: Rendezvous both teams at the northern bridge.

Objective 2: Secure the Napalm Storage and the Airstrip.

Objective 3: Protect the Napalm Storage until the extraction is complete.


Long distant run

Two teams had been dispatched in the south and each of them started to move through different routes: the west one were consisted of Morales and Desperate Drivers, while the east were most of infantry including the vital Saboteur and Engineer, and they must meet at a bridgehead. The East team entered civilian buildings to cope with the enemies there, seized some European and Confederation empty vehicles, and occupied a Tech Hospital; the West team also got some enemy vehicles with the help of Morales and crossed the river through Zubr which kept crossing the bank of the river. At this time, two Warhawks came to harass the East team, but they were shot down by the air defense forces. The West team found many Cryomines on the coast. Now they have been recovered by the enemy. They carefully discharged the mines under the direction of Morales and reached the opposite side.

The East team forced its enemy troops stationed in the buildings through other nearby buildings and eliminated the defenders in the town. However, before they crossed the bridge, they discovered that the opposite side of the bridge was closely guarded by forces including Prism Towers, Abrams Tanks and Riot Troopers To eliminate them, they must use long-range weapons. At the same time, the West team also found some troops including Desperate Drivers, another Repair Drone and Buratinos detained by enemies.

When the West team broke down the defense by Morales step by step, the East team suffered a dilemma: The American forces dispatched an attacking force to their town. They even sent Siege Cadres and Riot Troopers who were able to clear their troops. They made a difficult battle with these incoming troops. At the same time, the West team successfully rescued the detained friendlys and sent Buratinos near the tightly guarded checkpoint. However, before that, they were also attacked by additional troops of the enemy. But as for Morales and Buratinos, these are nothing. After Morales and Buratinos reached the village above the checkpoint, some Flak Troopers came out from a hut. In the end they destroyed the checkpoint and the East team was able to move on.

However, the West's advancement was blocked again: In front of them, some of the enemy's Tech Artillery Bunkers and Tech Cannon Bunkers received the protection of the Force Shield, and the shield's switch was located in a Shield Command. The East team decided to send their Saboteur to the Shield Command and turn off the shield. However, before he set off, the East team discovered some Attack Dogs. Given that they have anti-counterfeiting capabilities, the East team decided to kill these dogs first. After the incident, Saboteur passed the bridge and easily reached the Shield Command and switched the shield off.

Both teams continued their journey. The East team shot down some Rocketeers and Warhawks and rescued the infantry from another outpost. It also recovered some Sentinels and Nuwa Cannons who were confiscated by the enemy, then they used these Sentinels to shot down the nearby Thor Gunships. The West team destroyed the previous bunkers and eliminated the enemy troops in front. After cleaning up the enemy in this industrial zone, the West team crossed a bridge leading to an independent area to the east, annihilating the garrison there and liberating the infantry, including the Desolators.

The East team began to move toward a valley full of Mirage Tanks where European enemies ambushed. They made Nuwa Cannons and Repair Drone move cautiously and destroyed all the Mirage Tanks ambushed in the valley, detonated the barrels, and destroyed the Grand Cannons on the cliff. The West team was also busy destroying another enemy outpost at this time. Although they have not yet met, the two teams can already see each other. The East team accepted another group of infantry in a factory in a valley at this time, but they were attacked by the enemy air force, so that they quickly sent Sentinels to shoot down those air forces.

The East team finally crossed the valley and came to the bridge, and sent Engineer to repair the bridge. At this time, the annihilation mission of the West team was completed. After two long and difficult battles, the two teams finally met at the bridge.

Secure the facility

Next, the two teams arrived at a town that seemed to have had a fierce battle, and there were many vehicles that could still be used. After learning that the Allies wanted to deploy more troops here, they decided to quickly capture all the vehicles in the town and fight with them. Sure enough, after 3 minutes, a large number of enemy forces flocked to them. Due to the prompt response, they have assembled enough troops and resisted the attacks of the Allies. When the reinforcements of the enemy were completely wiped out, the two teams eventually marched toward their long-lost Napalm Storage and destroyed its nearby defense facilities and Tech Center.

Delivering the cargo

After retaking Napalm Storage, the two Confederation commanders would need to arrive here in 10 minutes. The two teams must no longer insist on ten minutes. However, enough troops, under the attack of the European and American coalition forces, persisted long enough. 10 minutes passed quickly and the cargo has been sent out successfully.


The supply of white phosphorus weapons eventually recovered, and the Latin Confederation regained its ability to continue operations in Europe. However, even if Latin Confederation recaptured weapons supplies, they were still very fragile in terms of money. In order to obtain scarce money, they always sought solutions. Finally, after a few months, they have positioned an ore processing facility of American expeditionary forces in Morocco. Although the Third Great War was over at the time, they decided to set off a wave of turbulence...

Difficulty changes


  • The number of enemy patrols are the least in this difficulty.
  • The ambush intensity that the 1st player encounters in the town is weaker than in other difficulties.


  • Warhawks will come to the initial position of 1st player shortly after the beginning.
  • When the 2nd player reaches the EMP Mines beach, Allies will send out some Warhawks and Rocketeers.
  • The Allies will send out some paratroopers near the 2nd player's initial position.


  • The number of enemy patrols are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • Warhawks will come to the initial position of 1st player shortly after the beginning.
  • When the 2nd player reaches the EMP Mines beach, Allies will send out some Warhawks and Rocketeers.
  • The Allies will send out some paratroopers near the 2nd player's initial position.

Easter egg

Interesting. How did that team of Desolators even get there in the first place?

A Church building is located northeast of the starting position of Player 2, but it is unreachable by regular forces. The only way to reach it is to capture an abandoned Stallion Transport located south of the Napalm Storage. Once the Stallion Transport reaches the church, both players will receive 2 Desolators each.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, due to the Cryomines was not added, the mines on the map were EMP Mines and would be explained as "the Allies have stolen these mines left by Chinese".
  • The ending of this mission prior to 3.3.5 was an elite Russian armored forces covered with iron curtain come to escort the cargo.