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The Coal Plantis a neutral structure that serves as an additional capturable power source when captured by an Engineer. The Coal Plant provides more power than most power plants, including the Tech Power Plant.


Act One


  • At the start of Vanishing Point, the Revolt used two Clairvoyants to infiltrate two Coal Plants, temporarily cutting off power to the Epsilon-controlled Point Hope fortress. The Coal Plants in the Point Hope fortress will be kept for the next mission, The Remnant, since the Revolt terminated Epsilon's control of the tech buildings in the fortress during the subsequent attack.

Special Ops

  • In Convergence, the Coal Plants on the right bank of the canal are the targets to destroy. They provide power to the Tech Artillery Bunkers at the bottom left corner of the map.


  • In Burned Alive, the player can cut off the power of defenses controlled by traitors by destroying all Coal Plants on the map.

Coal Plants also appear in the following missions without being part of mission objectives:

Behind the scenes

  • The Coal Plant was first added to the game in version 2.0psi, where it had the exact same stats as it does now except it took $5 from the owner every 1800 frames.