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For the parent structure, see Cloud Piercer.

The Cloud Piercer Expansion is an add-on for the Wings of Coronia Cloud Piercer, which grants them full access to the Wings of Coronia's arsenal. It also allows the use of a shield that protects the Coronian Quetzals from enemy fire.

Official description

To acquire a complete access to their advanced technologies, each of the Foehn Revolt's subfactions must upgrade the technology building which corresponds to its technology and strategy choice. This is why Haihead will aim to construct an Expansion for the Cyberkernel, the Wings of Coronia will upgrade the Cloud Piercer, and the Last Bastion will focus on developing an addition to the Nanofiber Loom.

Each of the upgrades requires construction of all three major technology buildings of the Foehn Revolt beforehand, and each will additionally provide unique support powers for the commanders to use in battle. Regardless of the subfaction, any of the Expansions will provide them with access to the Chaos Touch.[1]


Besides playing its role as the Tier 3 expander for the Wings of Coronia that unlocks their air armada and other advanced units, the Cloud Piercer Expansion provides the following support power:

Support power Description
Type: Intelligence Power
Cost: $1500
Recharge Time: 6:00
Requires Foehn War Factory

Deploys 2 decoy Pteranodons and 1 decoy Quetzal anywhere on the battlefield.
Decoy units act like the original units but cannot deal damage and has half of the original unit's hit points.

Left-click the icon then left-click the target location.

Once Wings of Coronia has installed a Cloud Piercer Expansion, it becomes very crucial for them to defend this building, as they will lose a myriad of their access to their high technology as well as the aforementioned attributes of the Cloud Piercer once it is destroyed.

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