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For the add-on exclusive to Wings of Coronia, see Cloud Piercer Expansion.

The Cloud Piercer is one of the three essential structures for the Foehn that grants access to more advanced technologies. It also allows the deployment of Spinblades to boost the speed of certain Foehn units.

The Wings of Coronia must upgrade the Cloud Piercer with an expansion to allow them to access the entire Foehn arsenal.

Official description

The Cloud Piercers are where the Foehn's prime and innovative wind manipulation technologies are being developed. The Revolt's staff within these towers monitors the behavior of winds nearby and perform complicated calculations, which allow their army to make the best use of its flow and employ the forces of nature in battle. The Cloud Piercer's data makes it possible to assess the best locations for the deployment of Spinblades, which will boost the speeds of units equipped with the windspin engines.

To acquire the full technology access, Wings of Coronia need to add an Expansion to the Cloud Piercer, which becomes available after all three of Foehn's technology structures have been built.[1]


Besides playing as one of three prerequisites before unlocking Tier 3, the Cloud Piercer provides the following support power:

Support power Description
Type: Utility Power
Cost: $500
Recharge Time: 4:00

Deploys a Spinblade anywhere on the battlefield
Spinblade increases speed of windspin-compatible Foehn units by 75% around it
Windspin-compatible Foehn units leave a blue trail

Left-click icon then left-click on target location (cannot be targeted on water)

The Cloud Piercer is also a notable target for infiltrators to acquire Stolen Tech units that are able to match the might of even the most advanced of Foehn units. Therefore, a Foehn commander should always place walls around the Cloud Piercer to prevent such situations.


  • The three small plates atop a Cloud Piercer rotates at a speed ratio of 1:2:3, where the bigger plate rotates slower.

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