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Knowledge is to be shared.
—A Clairvoyant getting useful information from enemy labs

The Clairvoyant is a small drone (technically classified as infantry) used by the Foehn as their infiltration unit. Unlike the other factions' counterparts, however, they cannot disguise as enemy infantry, but makes up for it by being even cheaper, amphibious and able to move even faster with the support of Spinblades.

Clairvoyants are also useful as detectors, as they can see cloaked units and notice disguised enemies. To help them in catching the latter, they are armed with a stun beam that can immobilize infantry, allowing Foehn troops to deal with them.

Clairvoyants can be transformed into Duplicants through a Nanofiber Sync.

Official description

The Clairvoyant is an oddball among the infiltrators. It is neither a soldier nor a spy, but a weirdly shaped drone, which can benefit from the use of Spinblade with a tiny windspin drive it has mounted on its back and can traverse water zones freely. Unlike all the other infiltrators, it cannot disguise itself, but its low price and incredible speeds make it ideal for a more direct infiltration rush attempt with many Clairvoyants involved, as the chance is high that at least one of them will reach the target.

This little drone has another trick up its sleeve: it can use a short-ranged stun gun to immobilize most of enemy troops, and will also automatically use its weapon against disguised enemy infantry once it detects them. Even though the Clairvoyant is not capable of dealing damage directly, if the target remains trapped long enough, it will eventually perish on its own.

Additionally, the Clairvoyants are able to see and trap disguised enemy agents, and for further battle usability, have also been outfitted with special tools for destroying bridges whenever necessary.[1]


Clairvoyants are still regarded as infantry, despite being non-humanoid in appearance.

As with other espionage units, the Clairvoyant can infiltrate an enemy building, but the effects will vary depending on the building:

AI behavior

The AI uses an exclusive variant that is coded to head straight for its intended infiltration target, unlike other infiltration units controlled by the AI. In addition, AI-exclusive Clairvoyants do not use their stun beam when inside a opentopped transport, which is easily seen when it is inside a Jackal Racer.


Our infiltration units are still working. The tech defenses inside remain offline.
—Foehn intel during Operation: Vanishing Point


  • The Clairvoyants make their debut in Vanishing Point, where they will shut down the defenses temporarily for the initial elite team to wreak havoc. Later on, these same Clairvoyants disabled the tech defenses for the rest of the mission, though Epsilon defenses will stay online.


  • Can infiltrate enemy buildings to give an advantage over the enemy.
  • A successful infiltration into the enemy's tech lab can unlock stolen tech units, and potentially change the game's outcome.
  • Cheaper ($400) and tougher than Spies, Saboteurs and Infiltrators.
  • Amphibious.
  • Can detect disguised, cloaked and submerged enemies.
  • Fast movement speed when boosted by Spinblades.
  • Can stun infantry including disguised ones.
  • Can destroy bridges by planting explosives inside an adjacent Bridge Repair Hut.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Immune to mind control, poison and radiation and windflow.
  • Unarmed.
  • Slow, unless boosted by a Spinblade.
  • Cannot disguise.
  • Short stun range.
  • Vulnerable to EMP and magnetic weapons.
  • Weak against anti-infantry fire.
  • Lack of a disguise means they must often rely on large numbers and their durability for successful infiltrations.


  • Although Clairvoyants are immune to genetic manipulation weapons, Rahn's "Terranova" beam is an exception.
  • The Clairvoyant's SHP infantry sprite is from the Basilisk Scout Drone from the Project Phantom mod for Yuri's Revenge. According to Speeder, the lead developer for Mental Omega, the SHP is no longer used for Project Phantom so it is reused for Mental Omega[2].

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