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Circuit Board is a four-player standard multiplayer map.


This map features a large number of buildings, landmarks and units found throughout Yuri's Revenge.

About the units on the map, except for the Attack Dog, none of these affect on the gameplay in any way. In this map, the Cosmonauts, Genequad and T-Rex cannot attack, unlike normal. When attacked, the Cosmonauts and Genequad will stand there doing nothing, while the T-Rex will run away in fear. On the other hand, the Attack Dog will retaliate if attacked by infantry and will attack player-controlled infantry, but only those that stand right next to it.

Tech buildings


All four players will be given ample space for building their bases, be sure to make good use of the bridges that connects to the center of the map and the lands between two bases. As water only takes up a small portion of the map, investing in naval units is not necessary.


The following landmarks and units appear in this map: