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For the current version, see Chronosphere.

The first version of the Chronosphere was used by the Allied Nations during the Second World War. It was originally kept in SteinsTech's Black Forest laboratory until the destruction of said research facility, after which it was seized by the Soviets and later the Epsilon Army.

The first iteration of the Chronosphere was only capable of teleporting a single unit at a time.


Act Two

  • In Divergence, the original Chronosphere is the target of PsiCorps. It must be captured from the Soviets; after 3 minutes, Rashidi's Drillers will arrive to dismantle it, which lasts for 3 more minutes. The Chronosphere must be defended from enemy forces for this duration.
  • At the beginning of Godsend, the original Chronosphere is used to teleport the Aerial Fortress Irkalla and an elite task force of Epsilon Headquarters to London.
  • At the beginning of Unthinkable, Yuri enters the same original Chronosphere from Divergence within the PsiCorps base in the Pensacola Mountains of Antarctica and instructs the Proselyte to protect it. It must be defended from incoming European forces until the Paradox Engine arrives and uses the Time Freeze to destroy it alongside the majority of Epsilon forces present. After the end of the mission, Yuri will message the Proselyte that he had managed to teleport himself to Moscow before the Allies were able to overrun the site.
  • The old Chronosphere makes an appearance under Allied control in the ending of Hamartia. As a last-ditch effort to save what's left of the now ruined Paradox Engine and the remnants of the Allied Forces, Siegfried opts to utilize its powers to teleport the wreckage and any Allied survivors that were able to get onboard to Point Hope, Alaska, where the supposed last free American stronghold resides and are rumored to harbor new allies. Shortly after the Paradox Engine is teleported away, Epsilon forces proceed to overwhelm the base guarding the device and effortlessly destroy it.


  • The original Chronosphere in Red Alert 1 would kill all the occupants of a transport if it is used on the latter while it is carrying passengers. This appears not to be the case when the Epsilon utilize it to chronoshift the Aerial Fortress Irkalla with an elite taskforce of infantry during Godsend, and when the Allies warp the Paradox Engine Wreckage while sheltering the remnants of the Allies at the conclusion of Hamartia.


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