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The Chronosphere is the iconic Allied superweapon used to teleport vehicles anywhere on the battlefield.

Official description

The Chronosphere is the Allied support superweapon. Einstein's most memorable and recognizable invention, previously used to great effect in the Second Great War. This structure has the capability to warp several vehicles to any location on the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

The Chronosphere has been improved many times over by SteinsTech over the years, such as enabling it to permanently teleport more than one vehicle, allow infantry within transports to be teleported safely, and theoretically reduce the chance of chrono vortexes to zero.

When the Experimental Warpshop is built, together with the Chronosphere they will provide access to another teleporting support power, which is the Chronolift.[1]


The Chronosphere can teleport up to 9 vehicles in its area-of-effect to any location around the battlefield in the blink of an eye. However, this ability, known as Chronoshift, does not work on infantry; they will simply be unaffected, although infantry inside vehicles will be safely teleported along with the vehicle. It also does not affect aircraft (except for Stallion Transports), even if they are grounded, amphibious transports and epic units.

Note that teleporting land vehicles (except amphibious ones) to water will cause them to sink to their demise or result in their destruction upon arrival; this also applies for teleporting naval vessels to land as well. However, Chronoshift cannot be abused to teleport enemy units, typically in the aforementioned manner.


AI behavior

The AI uses the Chronoshift to send specific task forces primarily consisting of siege units in the heart of their enemy's Construction Yard to destroy it. If the Construction Yard is destroyed, they will target the radar structure, War Factory, or Barracks in that order before targeting other structures.

The task force will be prepared and regroup at their base when the Chronosphere is nearly ready.




Act One

  • The Chronosphere in the Black Forest, Germany, located next to the SteinsTech Laboratory, is the target of a Chinese strike force in Ego Ergo Hax. The first part of the mission involves escorting Yunru near the Chronosphere so she could hack it.
  • Between The Gardener and Panic Cycle, the Chronosphere is used to bring the Battle Tortoise carrying KI Scientists to the SteinsTech Lab. However, the Chronoshift doesn't go as well as expected, and the Tortoise ends up a distance from the lab. Once the Tortoise is safely escorted to the lab, both it and the Chronosphere (which can't be controlled by the player) must be defended from Soviet forces for the rest of the mission. Once the Soviet forces are destroyed, both are obliterated alongside the rest of the Allied forces by a MIDAS.

Act Two

The Paradox Engine houses its own Chronosphere, which explains all chrono reinforcements from the Allies on Act Two, while the Chronosphere building itself is not available to construct in the campaign so far.

  • In the second part of Relentless and in Insomnia after the Paradox Engine's arrival, its on-board Chronosphere can be directly controlled, in the form of a Chronoshift that is not disabled when the player's base is low on power.

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