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Chronoshift is a support power that is the ability of the Allied defensive superweapon, the Chronosphere. It teleports up to 9 vehicles in its area-of-effect to any location on the battlefield. However, Chronoshift does not work on infantry, which will simply be unaffected, although infantry inside vehicles will be teleported along with the vehicle. It also does not affect aircraft (except for Stallion Transports), even if they are grounded, amphibious transports and epic units.

Note that teleporting land vehicles (except amphibious ones) to water will cause them to sink to their demise or result in their destruction upon arrival; this also applies for teleporting naval vessels to land as well. However, Chronoshift cannot be abused to teleport enemy units, typically in the aforementioned manner.

Chronoshift allows Allied forces to teleport vehicles into unexpected places, preferably close to enemy bases, from which they can strike the enemy from the least expected position.

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AI behavior

The AI uses the Chronoshift to send specific task forces primarily consisting of siege units in the heart of their enemy's Construction Yard to destroy it. If the Construction Yard is destroyed, they will target the radar structure, War Factory, or Barracks in that order before targeting other structures.

The task force will be prepared and regroup at their base when the Chronosphere is 70% charged, or roughly 2 minutes before the Chronoshift is ready.



  • USAicon.png 6x Abrams Tanks
  • EAicon.png 6x Prism Tanks
  • PFicon.png 6x Hailstorms


In the campaign, the Allies use the Chronosphere to teleport their forces to the battlefield in a large scale. However, these chronoshift reinforcements are independent from the default Chronoshift support power itself.

Act One

Act Two

From this point onwards, the Allies have begun to use the Chronosphere built inside the Paradox Engine.

  • Tanya is rescued via Chronoshift at the end of The Mermaid and later sent to Rome in Puppet Master by the same method.
  • In Hysteria, the player can acquire a 1-time default Chronoshift as an easter egg.
  • Starting from the second part of Relentless, the player can use a Chronoshift freely that is not disabled when the player's base is low on power.
  • Starting from Insomnia, once the Allied heroes fall, they will leave the battlefield in the form of being chronoshifted and will return to the battlefield after a certain amount of time.
  • In Withershins, reward from the easter egg is an additional superweapon entry "Chronoshift II".

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