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Chronolift is a "sister" support power to the Chronoshift, which is available for the Allies from the Experimental Warpshop once a Chronosphere is built. It does exactly as its "brother" does, albeit it teleport structures instead of vehicles. This allows the Chronolift to be used to quickly relocate important structures or to correct mistakes in the placement of structures.

Chronoshift teleports any structure with at least one tile inside the 3x3 area. If the respective ground is occupied or cannot be built on, the affected structure will not be teleported.

The following structures cannot be teleported:

A Tank Bunker will empty its garrison before being teleported, no matter if it ends in success or not. While a Battle Bunker will teleport the garrisoned infantry with it.

During the teleportation process, the target structure will be disabled regardless of the outcome. Which means a Psychic Tower will release its victims.

AI behavior

Unused by the AI.


Act Two

  • The Chronolift is first available in the campaign in Insomnia, where it can be used without the need of a Chronosphere (which is unbuildable).
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