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Chronoboost is an Allied support power available from the Chronosphere. It uses chrono technology to influence the speed of certain infantry and mechanical units, resulting in an increased movement speed for a short time that allows the Allied war machine to quickly catch up with retreating enemies or outrun slower enemies. However, it is unable to affect epic units like the M.A.D.M.A.N., Centurion Siege Crawler and Boidmachine.

AI behavior

The following task forces will be prepared when the Chronoboost is 70% charged, or roughly 2 minutes before it is ready.


The following task forces will prioritize structures before anything else:


The following task forces will target anything rather than a specific target:

: unaffected by Chronoboost, but still attacks in group


Special Ops

  • In Convergence, Chronoboost can be used during the battle at both sides of the canal, if Siegfried is chosen to fight.

Act Two

  • The Chronoboost has been unlocked in the campaign normally since Relentless, without need of an existing Chronosphere or any power.