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You'll get the cash in a flash!
—A Chrono Miner driver

The Chrono Miner is the main resource gatherer unit used by all Allied factions. Outfitted with a chrono device, it can instantly return to friendly refineries to deposit harvested ore or escape danger.

Official description

Miners have played an essential role in warfare since the Second Great War. They collect raw minerals which can be processed at a refinery to generate revenue for the commander to fund his war effort. Heavily armored and immune to mind control due to them being remote controlled, miners are difficult to destroy with lightly equipped conventional forces.

Thanks to SteinsTech's advancements in chrono technology, the Chrono Miner has been outfitted with a miniature teleporting device that will automatically teleport the miner back to its refinery when its cargo bays are full or when the commander orders it to. This allows the miner to not only transport resources much faster than the Soviet or the Epsilon counterparts, but also allows it to escape from encroaching enemies, including Soviet Terror Drones if the miner becomes infected. Unfortunately, the carrying capacity of the vehicle had to be reduced due to the large size of the chrono device, effectively halving the amount of ore that can be carried.[1]


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Unarmed but equipped with a teleporting device, the Chrono Miner always teleports to a friendly Ore Refinery and does so automatically after filling its load of ore, saving travelling time in the process. It can deliver up to 500 credits in one unload, 1000 credits if loaded with full of gems. If an Allied Ore Purifier is built, miners will generate additional income from every ore load they deposit into the refinery.

Teleporting allow Chrono Miners to escape easily from aggressors. They can retreat without difficulty to another distant refinery when one of the facilities gets destroyed. They will also leave behind any Terror drones that have just infected the miners, but not Crazy Ivan's bombs. Chrono Miners should always be well protected from hostiles, however in very desperate situations, they can be ordered to crush enemy infantry.

AI behavior

The AI will build a maximum of 2 Chrono Miners per Ore Refinery. As the AI builds a maximum of 3 Ore Refineries, up to 6 Chrono Miners are present at a time.

If the AI's Chrono Miner has taken too much damage, it will usually be ordered to return to an Ore Refinery immediately.


Act One


  • Chronoshift ability facilitates mining operations.
  • Can escape easily from hostile threats by teleporting.
  • The infecting Terror Drone is left behind as it teleports.
  • Immune to mind control, confusion rays and hijacking.
  • Heavy armor.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Unarmed.
  • Vulnerable against aerial and heavy anti-armor threats.
  • Crazy Ivan's bombs will not be removed even if it teleports back to its refinery.

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