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They're history!
—Chrono Legionnaire

The Chrono Legionnaire is an Allied high-tech infantry that can teleport around the battlefield and "erase" enemies from existence.

Official description

The Chrono Legionnaire can erase enemies from time using his special weapon, freezing them in time as he methodically erases every trace of the unit from the time continuum. While being erased, targeted units are not present in any time stream, and are therefore invulnerable to all weapons. Chrono Legionnaires can chronoshift across entire cities and "erase" buildings and soldiers.

Due to the need to make the chronoshift device compact enough to be man-portable, the generators in the suit are not powerful enough for instant timeshifting. Although the Legionnaire can instantly reappear in the desired location, it takes time for the Legionnaire to reform completely. The longer the jump, the longer it takes for a Legionnaire to fully re-enter the time stream, leaving him vulnerable.[1]


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A well managed Chrono Legionnaire has the advantage of defeating most units in single combat as the other unit is as good as erased as soon as they are hit. However, since the Legionnaire can only target one unit at a time, it is very vulnerable to groups of even the weakest unit with anti-infantry capability like Conscripts. Legionnaires work best attacking isolated enemies, disabling and delaying critical enemy units in their unique way.

Chrono Legionnaires are also capable of erasing entire structures. If used right, a group of Legionnaires can remove key structures from a base, making the base vulnerable. A group of 4 to 5 Legionnaires can take down a Construction Yard fairly quickly. Besides, the less health an object has, the faster Chrono Legionnaire will warp its target away. The Legionnaire's weapon also makes it a fairly handy unit on urban maps for players who like base building. If ordered to attack a Tech or Civilian Building, Chrono Legionnaires would erase and remove the rubble as well, so that one will be able to build there.

Another quirk is the fact their target is invulnerable to conventional weaponry while being attacked. This can be used as a bizarre tactic to protect their own allies by freezing them. However extreme caution must be exercised.

If the Legionnaire fails to completely erase a target, it will eventually phase back in and continue as if nothing had happened. Legionnaires cannot damage enemies, they can only erase them outright or disable them.

Another noticeable trait is that Legionnaires do not travel anywhere at all in traditional sense but teleports there instantaneously. This is offset by the fact they need to "phase in" after a teleport which renders then frozen. Legionnaires are, however, not invulnerable in this state and can be killed very easily. The length of time it takes to phase in is proportional to the distance they just teleported. A series of short hops is sometimes preferable as it will leave them less vulnerable than a large jump. Teleporting allows Legionnaires to escape from enemy pursuers very easily. If quick enough, Legionnaires can avoid some attacks before the attacks hit them.

AI behavior

The AI uses an exclusive variant that does not retaliate when hit by enemy fire, allowing them to remain focused on their target.

Due to an inconsistency, the AI-exclusive Chrono Legionnaire does not have the individual build time multiplier.

Chrono Legionnaires controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x loaded inside a Battle Tortoise, accompanied by 1 Navy SEAL and 2 Guardian GIs
  • 1x loaded inside a Stryker IFV, Archon AMC or Tsurugi, then proceed to target ore miners
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional IFV with the same passenger
  • 2x targeting tech buildings
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 additional Chrono Legionnaires that will target everything
  • 2x guarding Air Force Command Headquarters and Allied Ore Refineries
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 additional Chrono Legionnaires
  • 3x targeting ore miners


  • 2x targeting power plants
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 additional Chrono Legionnaires that will target garrisonable structures


Watch out. The Allies seem to have created a device capable of teleporting individuals!
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Godsend

Since the Chrono Legionnaire belongs to special strategic unit lorewise, the Chrono Legionnaire cannot be trained in the campaign.

Act Two

  • Chrono Legionnaires first appear in Godsend, as part of the European forces defending the fortress-city of London.
  • In Bottleneck, Chrono Legionnaires are controllable for the first time. In the first part of the mission, they are tasked with erasing the Epsilon anti-air defences in the area (most importantly Gehenna Platforms) to ensure the safe passage of the Paradox Engine when it arrives.
  • The player is also able to use limited numbers of the Chrono Legionnaire in Hysteria, Stormbringer, Relentless and Insomnia.
  • In the final two stages of Reality Check, all the remaining Chrono Legionnaires, first individually and then in groups assisting Norio, and try to kill Libra. They are all killed, however, and are thus notably absent from Withershins, Hamartia and all stages of Babel save for the second one. Notably, the Chrono Legionnaires on these missions have a delay before their actual attack, giving the player time to react.


  • Can teleport to anywhere in the battlefield.
  • Most effective in attacking isolated enemies.
  • Can freeze and later erase enemies in time, preventing them from moving and functioning.
  • Great at harassing unprotected Miners.
  • Great in neutralizing critical hostile units.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Can easily avoid enemies by teleporting away.
  • Very fragile, easy to kill with anti-infantry weapons.
  • Time-consuming when erasing a high-health target.
  • Very vulnerable when attacking and after a long-range teleport.
  • Cannot target air units.
  • Cannot teleport into unexplored terrain.
  • Cannot be cloaked.
  • Cannot engage more than one unit at a time.
  • Only available very late in the game, after the Experimental Warpshop is built.

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