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What's over there?
—Chrono Ivan

The Chrono Ivan is a Soviet infantry that appeared in version 3.0 and older as a stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating an Allied Tech Center (version 2.0 and newer)/Soviet Battle Lab (version 1.2).

Official description


With access to stolen Allied technology, the Soviets will equip a select number of their Crazy Ivans with chrono backpacks, giving the trigger happy Ivans more destructive potential than ever.

The power to place explosives anywhere they like and teleport to safety in mere seconds brings such maniacal joy to the Chrono Ivan that even friendly troops avoid them out of fear of receiving an unwanted gift. This means Chrono Ivans often operate alone or in small teams together, leveling anything they come across with the ground.[1]


Soviet engineers also came up with some ideas of using Allied Chrono Sphere for their own purposes. Due to their rather long occupation in Allied nations, they had enough time to learn more about that project. Infiltrating Allied Tech Centers with one of their Saboteurs, they can receive possibility to arm their Crazy Ivans with chronobags capable of teleporting them anywhere on the battlefield, enabling possibility of sneak and sudden sabotages with their dynamite packs.[2]


After infiltrating a Soviet Battle Lab, access to Soviet secret Chrono Ivans is granted. While their job is the same as ordinary Crazy Ivans, they can also use Mobile Chronosphere Devices stolen from the Allies to teleport themselves deep inside an enemy base and place explosives on critical structures and forces. Bombs can be detonated by double clicking at unit or building with dynamite on it. If not, it will explode after a short period.[3]

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