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Perhaps I can be of assistance.
—Chrono Adept

The Chrono Adept is an Epsilon infantry that appeared in version 3.0 and the 2.x series as a stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating an Allied Tech Center.

Official description


Having acquired stolen Allied technology, the Epsilon equip their more experienced Adepts with chrono backpacks, allowing them to flit across the battlefield, seizing control of their victims with little to no chance of retaliation. This makes the Adepts an even bigger threat than ever before.[1]


Commanding one of the Infiltrators, the Epsilon can easily steal plans for Allied chronopacks and equip their Adepts with those. While the Chrono Adepts can teleport anywhere on the battlefield, just like all other infantry armed with those devices - they are no longer able to cast their mind blasts as it could damage the packs. No matter, hordes of Chrono Adepts can easily reduce amount of forces used by the enemies of the Epsilon empire. Controlled units remain under domination of Chrono Adept even when he teleports to another point.[2]

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