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Chitzkoi (Russian: Чицкой, Chitskoy) is one of the two heroes of Russia alongside Volkov.

Official description

Chitzkoi is Volkov's eternally faithful canine and a menace to any infantry and vehicles, quickly tearing both to bits in a matter of seconds. Immunity to radiation and toxins makes Chitzkoi a hardy opponent, though its cybernetic properties does put it at a disadvantage against EMP-weaponry. Chitzkoi's design doesn't make it possible for it to swim. So far.

What many people don't know is that Chitzkoi is the world's first fully functioning cybernetic being. The technology used to augment Chitzkoi is an earlier version of that used in Volkov. Plans were considered by the Kremlin to mass-produce Chitzkoi copies in order to replace all ground forces, but the massive protests from the Soviet Army and the prodigal costs of manufacturing and maintenance have driven this idea into the ground. However, at some point the Allies designed a combat drone based on the Chitzkoi mechanicals - something the Soviets stole from them shortly after the Second Great War.[1]


Though Volkov is a nightmarish force for any ground opposition, he is still particularly vulnerable to massed infantry assaults - especially involving foot soldiers that can withstand multiple hits from his Chain Lightning Tesla Cannon. Chitzkoi, his cybernetic canine companion, is designed to rectify that weakness completely.

Chitzkoi can be described with one simple term: a Terror Drone on steroids. This mechanized menace is a threat to all infantry and vehicles on the ground, as it can rapidly close in on any human-sized target before ripping them to shreds with a single lunge - even units that are normally immune to Attack Dogs, Spooks, and Terror Drones are not spared from its onslaught. Incredibly heavy infantry units, such as Stalkers and Giantsbanes, will be killed in a single lunge. Compared to a normal Attack Dog, Chitzkoi has one major trick up its sleeve: it can pounce at targets over moderate distances, and this process renders it immune to all attacks. Its attacking rate also makes it more effective than a conventional dog, as Chitzkoi can leap from victim to victim and not provide a window of opportunity for opposing forces to land even a single shot on it.

As mentioned earlier, Chitzkoi is also very effective against vehicles. Compared to Terror Drones however, it is able to disembowel them at a much faster pace and it can survive even if the vehicle is destroyed by something else other than Chitzkoi itself. This makes the strategy of force-firing upon infested vehicles (often used as a move of desperation by enemy commanders to destroy Terror Drones already having infested a vehicle) an invalid tactic, as Chitzkoi will simply emerge from the wreckage and leap towards the next unfortunate victim.

Chitzkoi is still a dog at heart despite being a machine, so it can detect enemy Spies, rogue Saboteurs, and Infiltrators, an advantage that Volkov does not possess. While Clairvoyants are normally immune to Attack Dogs, they are easy prey for Chitzkoi and its Razorblade Teeth.

Just like Volkov, Chitzkoi has some weaknesses that shouldn't be ignored. While durable, it won't last under prolonged anti-personnel fire. Repair vehicles can also neutralize its threat towards vehicles, provided they are available. While it is immune to radiation, poison, mind control, confusion, and abduction, Chitzkoi can be rendered harmless with EMP and magnetic weaponry. It is also helpless against structures and base defenses, possessing no means to attack them. In contrast to regular dogs, it cannot swim considering its cybernetic nature. Last but not least, Chitzkoi cannot detect stealth in contrast to other hero units.

AI behavior

Chitzkoi controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 1x targeting anything
    • This task force may be accompanied by Volkov and 2 Shock Troopers
  • 1x targeting anything, accompanied by 4 Attack Dogs and 2 Terror Drones


Volkov's powerful tesla cannon can immobilize and destroy any ground targets. His companion Chitzkoi will rip troops and tanks apart with his teeth and claws.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Recharger

Unlike Volkov in certain circumstances, if Chitzkoi is killed in a mission, it will not end in a mission failure. The only exceptions to this rule are Meltdown and Death's Hand.

Act One

Volkov and Chitzkoi debuts in this mission to wreak havoc in Paris.

Volkov and Chitzkoi are required to destroy the Psychic Beacon that has been causing trouble for China. Chitzkoi can be destroyed without compromising the mission, as it only requires to evacuate Volkov. However, the intel will point out that the Soviets can rebuild Chitzkoi.

  • See: The Lunatic

  • Volkov and Chitzkoi were captured by Chinese forces prior to the battle. In the beginning of the mission, they're seen being studied by Yunru. They can be freed and will help the Russian forces repelling the Chinese invasion once they are released.

  • See: Dragonstorm

  • Act Two

    Volkov and Chitzkoi arrive as reinforcements via air transport to assist in the defense of the Congress of Singapore during the later stages of the battle.

    Chitzkoi, having been augmented with Chinese tech, is tasked with capturing a landed Aerial Fortress Irkalla in Sweden. Once Chitzkoi gets inside it, it'll send information to the Soviet General and pilot the Irkalla (nicknamed "Chitzkalla"), which falls under control of the player, using Chitzkoi's voiceset. He must survive the mission.

  • See: Meltdown

  • Chitzkoi becomes the first dog to land on the Moon when accompanying Volkov and a Russian detachment. He is notably capable of eliminating the Space Commando, Epsilon's super soldier, in one hit.

  • See: Earthrise

  • Chitzkoi is the only unit accompanying Volkov, who otherwise operates alone, separate from both of the player's other two task forces.

  • See: Fatal Impact

  • After Yuri unleashes the brainwashed Volkov on the Soviets, the General will be ordered to deploy Chitzkoi via paradrop to neutralize its master. He is the only unit capable of killing Volkov; as such, Chitzkoi must survive until he could do so.

  • See: Death's Hand

  • Chitzkoi can be seen protecting Volkov's corpse from Epsilon soldiers.

    Special Ops

    • Though they do not appear in-person, Volkov and Chitzkoi are main objectives in Archetype. Boris and Morales were tasked to secure and evacuate their bodies from the abandoned Tech Center.
    • Volkov and Chitzkoi appear in Noise Severe to help escort prisoners to a Chinese base, where Yuri has set ambushes along their route.


    • Volkov and Chitzkoi appear in Thunder God by reinforcements, where they must destroy all Super Thor Prototypes and Allied war factories in the area.


    • Effective against units and infantry, including cyborgs.
    • Kills all ground infantry instantly, including those immune to normal dogs and Terror Drones.
    • Slightly faster than normal dogs.
    • Can decimate clusters of units one by one if poorly handled by the enemy commander.
    • Cannot be destroyed when infecting vehicles, even when forcefully destroyed by other units.
    • Fairly durable.
    • Can clear enemy garrisoned buildings.
    • Immune to poison and radiation.
    • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
    • Decent jumping range and cannot be targeted during the jumping animation.
    • Cannot be crushed by any vehicles.
    • Can detect disguised enemies.
    • Can self-heal.
    • Being a hero, cannot be mind-controlled and abducted, and immune to confusion rays.
    • Only one may be present at a time.
    • Vulnerable to EMP and magnetic weapons.
    • Still vulnerable to massed anti-infantry firepower.
    • Cannot attack structures and aerial units.
    • Cannot detect stealthed units, unlike other ground-based hero units.
    • Chitzkoi can be removed from the infected unit by using repair units.
    • Cannot swim.
    • Helpless against base defenses.
    • Can only attack at close range.

    Behind the scenes

    Chitzkoi's original SHP sprite is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here (note: found in Lao Tze's RA2 Units Pack Ver 25 and possibly older); named as Mad Dog, and file name is mdog.shp.


    • Chitzkoi uses a voiceset that is similar to the Attack Dog's, but with a noticeably robotic tone. When promoted to heroic, Chitzkoi will bark.
    • If Chitzkoi destroys a subterranean unit while it is underground, Chitzkoi will survive and appear above ground, unless the subterranean unit was destroyed over water.
    • Unlike Terror Drones, Chitzkoi is able to infect landed jets. If the jet is still landed when it is destroyed, Chitzkoi it will appear near the airfield. If the jet is destroyed when airborne, Chitzkoi will fall down and die.

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