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The People's Republic of China (Chinese: 中华人民共和国, Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó), otherwise known as China (Chinese: 中国, Zhōngguó; shortened to CN or PRC), is one of three subfactions of the Soviet Union.

Official description

China is the newest, but an uncertain addition to the Soviet forces, steamrolling their way onto the front lines with the heaviest of tanks and unmatched firepower. Though their forces suffer from a dire lack of maneuverability and speed, the Chinese have not suffered as much from the Allied sanctions that were imposed on their Soviet brethren. As a result, the development of highly potent nuclear weaponry has proceeded unabated and has become prevalent within the Chinese armor divisions.

The use of nuclear weaponry and large-scale implementation of electromagnetic technology makes it difficult to directly assault a Chinese base or engage their forces head-on. In combination with the monstrous mechanical war machine that is the Centurion Siege Crawler and aided by the young, but talented and hard-working scientist Yunru, who heads one of the major research groups of their military, all tremble beneath the might of the Great Chinese Dragon with ambitions of continental conquest.[2]


Second Great War

The People's Republic of China came to be after a revolution where Chinese communist forces, supported by Russia, were able to defeat the nationalists and establish a communist state. Even after its creation however, many insurgents still loyal to the old, pre-communist Republic of China continue to fight against PRC forces, creating some political instability. China soon entered the Soviet Union with Russia and the Latin Confederation and obtained many technologies formerly used by Russia, such as the old Heavy tank.

Third Great War

The People's Republic of China was the last of the World Soviet Alliance to join the war against the Allies. Their military mobilized into the European theater, as well as commencing the invasion of Japan. The Chinese were also researching nuclear weaponry at this point, but was delayed by a small group led by the Allies. They were also instrumental in sabotaging the Chronosphere prototype in Black Forest, courtesy of their young genius, Yunru.

The Soviet advisor Yuri aided China in "pacifying" the separatists by constructing a Psychic Beacon in Xizang. Yuri fed flawed information regarding the effects of the Psychic Beacon, so the PRC did not use them in battle. However, unknown to the Chinese, Yuri later sabotaged the same Psychic Beacon to free the imprisoned rebellion and let the separatists take control of the Psychic Beacon themselves. China called for aid from their Russian comrades to destroy this device, and subsequently China denied the existence of the Psychic Beacon and were enraged at Russia's intervention in Xizang. The relations between the Chinese and the Russians soured at this point.

Unknown to the Soviets, China formed a non-aggression pact with Pacific Front, which was the primary factor that made China's occupation of Japan an effortless task. When the Russians found out, China defected from the World Soviet Alliance, and fought against Russia in their own homeland, with the Russians losing their last MIDAS warhead. The Sino-Pacific Front coalition launched a massive assault in Primorsky Krai, capturing the Russian cyborgs Volkov and Chitzkoi in the process. The Russians were able to fend off the invasion, denying the Chinese the right to become the new leader of the Soviet Union. When their attempt to counterattack Russia failed, China withdrew all expeditionary forces from Europe, but there were stilla small part of troops in exile overseas.

Afterwards, Yuri, now defected from the Soviets as well, also knew about the Sino-Pacific Front alliance. Yuri realized the threat this alliance imposes to his future plans, and decides to ruin the fragile truce by sparking a war in the Korean DMZ and succeeded in doing so.

Mental Omega War

The PRC, with their military still large and fearsome, has been ramping up their arsenal due to exploiting research done by Kanegawa Industries, up to the point where they have formed a separate military with advanced, unique technology in mind, courtesy of Yunru's research division.

With Yuri's menacing uprising that caused chaos in the Soviet occupation, China's high command decided to reform the World Soviet Alliance with Russia and the Latin Confederation through negotiations with the remaining Soviet high command. One of the premises was let Russians free Chinese POWs that were imprisoned following the conflict between Russia and China in Primorsky Krai, which the Russians were able to uphold. Unfortunately, the negotiations failed.

Not long afterwards, the Russians have discovered China's newfound technology, in the form of cybernetics derived from researching Volkov's skeleton, as well as nanotechnology, some elements of weather manipulation out of Kanegawa Industries' research, weaponized Iron Curtain tech, and even an enormous, automated siege machine.

Meanwhile, as the Chinese waged war on Epsilon forces, they were able to resist them far longer than the other participants of the war as the Chinese are able to eliminate saboteurs through a new stratagem, preventing Epsilon from causing conflict deep within China's agenda[3]. The Chinese navy attempted to intercept an Epsilon shuttle that was projected to land on Totoya Island, but were ultimately defeated by the Epsilon defenders and the arrival of Libra. Due to this sudden opportunity, Russia has later decided to acquire China's technology all for themselves, ending in a fiasco.

The tide has turned against China, as Yuri had leaked Yunru's actions to the Chinese high command[4], which resulted in China placing their occupied Kanegawa Industries facilities under lockdown and seeing the aforementioned advanced army, now known as the Foehn Revolt, as a threat. In addition, China's power had been weakened since the Revolt left China, and the Epsilon started invading China's coastal territories and occupied areas in Japan.

Meanwhile, a Chinese force set out from Kazakhstan to Stalingrad, aiming at destroy the Psychic Amplifier deployed there. However, this division was subsequently reduced to puppets under the influence of the Amplifier. When the battle to liberate Stalingrad started, these liberated Chinese troops finally decided to fight side by side with the remaining Soviets.

What remained of China eventually fell to the influence of the Mental Omega Device at the end of the war.





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  • In the campaign, China is excluded from the player side in main-story missions, and was usually not counted as "the Soviets" to some extent, even though China is still part of the Soviet Union.
  • Chinese tactics in Mental Omega are very similar to China's strategy in the Generals universe, as in both games, they prefer to use slow, powerful vehicles, nuclear tech, and EMP weapons.
  • The flag used by China in Mental Omega is a modified version of one of the proposals submitted for the flag of the PRC in 1949.
    • The flag includes the five stars seen in the real-life Chinese flag and two horizontal golden lines underneath the five stars, possibly representing the two great rivers that runs through China (Yellow River and Yangtze).

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