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The Chimera Core is an Epsilon support structure that cloaks nearby friendly units, giving an illusion that the Epsilon base seems to be unguarded, only for unwary attackers to get a nasty surprise.

Official description

The Chimera Core is one of Epsilon's most groundbreaking inventions in terms of stealth and obfuscation of their activity. Using a combination of powerful mental feedback and optical illusions, they can create an effect of vehicles and infantry not existing at their actual position.

Unfortunately, the Chimera Core is not powerful enough to cloak buildings, as the energy demand would become utterly impossible to fulfill for the larger Epsilon bases. If you do not have sensor units on hand, the Chimera Core should be your first target the moment you spot one.[1]


The Chimera Core is the Epsilon's answer to enemy interference of their unit production. It allows a proselyte to cloak his army that is still being amassed even if the enemy has full vision of the proselyte's base. Though vigilant enemy commanders are able to spot vehicles coming out of Epsilon War Factories and infantry out of Epsilon Barracks for a split second, they would have no idea how many of them are already operational, which makes the Chimera Core a psychological defense as well. Combined with the Mind Reader, the proselyte is able to foresee enemy activity while hiding his own in plain sight, which is a tactical advantage not to be underestimated.

As a defensive stealth generator, it forces enemies to either destroy the Chimera Core (or its power sources) or employ detector units; otherwise they'll suffer guaranteed casualties as they assault the seemingly defenseless Epsilon base. Other than infantry and vehicles, it is also capable of cloaking landed Dybbuk jets within their Aerodomes, which can prove deadly to enemy battalions if they lack any means to counter them once they suddenly take off. However, it is unable to cloak aircraft that are already in flight like the Basilisk.

While the Chimera Core is unable to cloak fellow buildings, let alone itself, the proselyte can exploit this to make the Chimera Core a diversion for enemies to recklessly launch their support powers on empty soil.

AI behavior

The AI has the ability to build Chimera Core that requires a Pandora Hub rather than a Tier 3 plug.

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Chimera Cores. Easy AI will build a maximum of 2 Chimera Cores, Medium AI will build a maximum of 3, while Hard AI will build a maximum of 4.


WARNING - One of our recent projects, the Chimera Core, can hide your units from enemy sight. Unfortunately, Rashidi's Scorpion Cell was able to get a hold of the project before his betrayal. Destroy or depower the Chimera Core to reveal units hidden around them.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Obsidian Sands

Act Two

Special Ops

  • Chronologically, like many other Epsilon structures, the Chimera Core appears in the Foehn Special Ops mission Time Capsule.


  • Chimera could refer to:
    • A monster in Greek mythology who have the body parts of multiple animals, usually depicted as a lion with the second head of a goat and the tail of a snake.
    • A genetic term that refers to an organism composed of cells from different zygotes.
  • The Chimera Core is the successor to the Psychic Interrupter from pre-3.0 versions, which had the ability to cloak buildings as well as units. The change was done to reduce lag in both singleplayer and multiplayer[2], with the Chimera Core's inability to cloak buildings explained in the official description.
  • Chimera Core uses the same select sound with Spinblade.

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