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Challenges are a special player-versus-AI skirmish game mode introduced in version 3.3.

Challenges pits one or two players (either one human and one AI or two humans) alone against three AI enemies that start with a large base and violate certain rules of the game (most often capable of building stolen tech units). Challenge maps are made with an "uncontrolled difficulty mindset" so the gameplay will be asymmetrical.

Challenge maps use standard skirmish settings, which allows the handicap to be changed through the difficulty option and for the Mental AI Boost to be enabled. However, note that the following settings are enforced by the client:

  • Building off ally bases, naval combat (if the map has enough water) and Stolen Tech Units are enabled.
  • Ally Change Ingame is disabled.
  • The number of starting units is set at zero.
  • If the enemy in a challenge is a specific subfaction, that subfaction cannot be chosen by players.
  • The colour used by the enemy is not selectable by players.
  • Spectators are not allowed.

In all challenges, there are eight money crates, one Tech Field Hospital, one Tech Machine Shop, a few Tech Oil Derricks and tech defences near the players' base.

List of Challenges


Chal 1-Freedom.png
Main article: Freedom Challenge

An unusually large activity of heavy USAicon.png American planes has been noted far away in Alaska, where a massive airbase of their's is believed to exist. What's even more worrying are the Mercury Satellites all coordinated to defend that place from outsiders.


Chal 2-Timekiller.png
Main article: Timekiller Challenge

Danger! The EAicon.png Euro Alliance commanders are using strange technology based on the Chronosphere, which allows them to move their soldiers and vehicles at incredibly high speeds. They also seem to possess a prototype of the teleporting tank.


Chal 3-Regenbogen.png
Main article: Regenbogen Challenge

An unusual weather manipulation technology has been deployed by the PFicon.png Pacific Front on the Regenbogen artificial island, a technology which alters the status of the battlefield in many ways to disrupt the armies trying to conquer the isle.


Chal 4-Battlecity.png
Main article: Battlecity Challenge

The fearsome Super Apocalypse Tanks have been deployed by the Russiaicon.png Russians once again! This time there are no malfunctions with the control systems of these automated monster tanks. Luckliy, they are still limited in numbers. Be on your guard.


Chal 5-Moltencore.png
Main article: Moltencore Challenge

It's getting hot in here! Three Confederationicon.png Latin Confederation armies have landed near your position and are now surrounding your forces. It seems they are ready to burn the island to the ground if it's what they need to do to defeat you.


Chal 6-Ironwall.png
Main article: Ironwall Challenge

The Great Wall wasn't built in a day. The Chinaicon.png Chinese forces have deployed their own advanced Iron Curtain tech, including the deadly Iron Dragon and even what looks like a new Centurion. The Wall moves dangerously fast and it is up to you to stop it.


Chal 7-Purgatory.png
Main article: Purgatory Challenge

Your forces have landed successfully on Psic.png Yuri's hidden island. Mysterious experiments are taking place here and the island's secrets are guarded by what appears to be stone statues, shaped after Yuri's very own head. Keep your eyes open.


Chal 8-Contagion.png
Main article: Contagion Challenge

An unidentified, heavily contagious poison has been deployed by the SCicon.png Scorpion Cell in one of their bases in Africa. It appears it is being contained in fragile barrels scattered in a canyon currently occupied by many of their forces. Don't get infected.


Chal 9-Ascension.png
Main article: Ascension Challenge

The armies of Hdqt.png Epsilon Headquarters are expanding their bases beyond Antarctica. Their superior genetically enhanced infantry is a threat to the entire world and to make things worse, there is an entire air armada coming to reinforce their positions.


Chal 10-Madness.png
Main article: Madness Challenge

Haih.png Haihead's forces have created two crucial routes from which they are sending their M.A.D.M.A.N. units in quite large amounts. These units are a threat and must be eliminated along with the forward bases that continue to protect them.


Chal 11-Firestorm.png
Main article: Firestorm Challenge

A sizeable Coro.png Wings of Coronia task force has taken control of an abandoned metropolis and walled their outposts off with an extensive Blast Trench, powered by a modified Blast Furnace construction. Now, they're waiting for their enemies to arrive.


Chal 12-Ouroboros.png
Main article: Ouroboros Challenge
The Bast.png Last Bastion is mass-producing the Boidmachines and has reinforced a battlebase with multiple Plasmerizers around it. Luckily, the waters around the island have frozen and a path for the ground forces was created. Now is the time to strike!


Chal 13-Aberration.png
Main article: Aberration Challenge

The Allicon.png Allies continue to push their research on chrono tech to its limits. By manipulating time, they have become capable of twisting the technological achievements of their opponents at will. The battlefield has become a maze of space and time.


Chal 14-Revolution.png
Main article: Revolution Challenge

Although often divided by beliefs and priorities, Sovicon.png the Comintern armies have united once again and hid their bases within a massive fortress, determined to maintain its red colors. Anyone who comes near is struck by the red and the nuclear.


Chal 15-Deception.png
Main article: Deception Challenge

Yuricon.png Yuri's forces from all corners of the world are gathering on a desolate island far away to scheme. They're masking their presence with heavy use of advanced psychic illusions. To make matters worse, something is off with the gravity here.


Chal 16-Endurance.png
Main article: Endurance Challenge
The armies of the Foeicon.png Foehn Revolt have managed to conquer a remote island on the Pacific Ocean and are trying to convert it into a hybrid battlebase. The amount of nanomachines deployed on their units is unusually large, so be careful.


Chal 17-Heavyobject.png
Main article: Heavyobject Challenge

A combined force of three seemingly warring factions has constructed a complex stronghold with only one land entrance. They have deployed bizarre but sophisticated technologies and are not willing to let go of this resource-rich area easily.


Chal 18-Watercube.png
Main article: Watercube Challenge

In the ocean blue, an unknown renegade commander has gathered enough technology to construct three distinct naval bases of his own. There is also a dangerous Epsilon strike force lurking nearby and all you have is a tiny island.


Chal 19-Gladiator.png
Main article: Gladiator Challenge

An unidentified hostile commander has combined the jamming technologies together to develop a massive system, which renders his opponents powerless. Fortunately for you, this system is still immature, so there's time to nip it in the bud.


Chal 20-Superweapon.png
Main article: Superweapon Challenge

The horror! Three major powers united under a single flag have deployed all the superweapons: a Weather Controller, a Tactical Nuke Silo and a Psychic Dominator, and even hijacked the plans of Tempest Architect. T-t-time is running out!


Chal 21-Heroslayer.png
Main article: Heroslayer Challenge

The master of puppets has been up to some kind of mind control technology once again! There are brainwashed enemies at the gates: quick, versatile and dangerous. Beware - an army of deadly clones is aiding them in the battle for the desert.


Chal 22-Judgement.png
Main article: Judgement Challenge
A mysterious dark force is affecting your armies, while the enemies remain impervious. The mission's objective is clear: you must defeat them all. However, as long as the force remains active, the path to achieving it will be herculean.