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I think I know that way.
—A Cavalier Tank on the move

The Cavalier Medium Battle Tank is the main battle tank of the European Alliance. Being the strongest of the Allies' main battle tanks, its cannon fires faster as long as it remains targeting a single enemy.

Official description

The Cavalier Medium Battle Tank is the continuation of the Medium Tank from the Second Great War. Although its main features have remained relatively unchanged, such as its 105mm cannon, the Cavalier is faster and better armored than its predecessor.

The Cavalier is the bread and butter of every Euro Alliance armor column, effective at destroying enemy armor and structures. This tank also provides a middle ground between the powerful but slow Rhino Heavy Tank utilized by the Russians and the quick but lightly armored Lasher Light Tank used by PsiCorps. Due to the nature of the warhead used, the tank's effectiveness against infantry is mediocre at best.

The most prominent improvement to the tank is the integrated firing enhancement system soldiers jokingly call the "wind-up". The system allows the tank to fire its shells at an increased rate after a short warm-up time, dealing more damage in less time as long as it remains locked on a target. An indicator on the target is visible whenever the "wind-up" is fully operational.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

The Cavalier Tank is a standard anti-armor main battle tank with good armor, firepower and average speed. Toughest of the Allies' main battle tanks, it can sustain more punishment than the Bulldog Tank and the Kappa Tank. Available at Tier 1, Cavalier Tanks are a significant threat to vehicles and structures in the early game. In the late game, Cavalier Tanks become the essence of a medium unit: They have average armor, firepower and speed. They can beat lighter units but lose to heavier units, thus they are relatively straightforward to use.

The Cavalier Tank's firing enhancement system allows it to fire shells faster after prolonged engagement with hostiles. After several shots, it begins to fire at an increased rate as long as it continues firing at a target without interruption. The system therefore provides the Cavalier Tank a slight edge on many of its counterparts, as well as makes it notably more efficient against stationary targets, especially structures.

In a duel however, Cavalier Tanks would still narrowly lose to Soviet tanks such as Jaguar Tanks and Rhino Tanks. They are also weak against anti-armor infantry and aircraft.

Weapon stages

The Cavalier Tank uses a weapon cycle even though it only has a single offensive weapon. As each stage progresses, the cooldown between attacks is reduced, increasing damage output.

  • Stage 1: Lasts until 100 frames (6.7 in-game seconds).
  • Stage 2: Once it has reached 200 frames (13.3 in-game seconds), the firing timer will stop increasing. Lasts indefinitely until ordered elsewhere or target is destroyed.

When the Cavalier Tank becomes Elite, the time to reach each firing stage is reduced.

  • Stage 1: Lasts until 50 frames (or 3.3 in-game seconds).
  • Stage 2: Once it has reached 100 frames (or 6.7 in-game seconds), the firing timer will stop increasing. Lasts indefinitely until ordered elsewhere or target is destroyed.

Technically speaking the Cavalier is the tier 1 tank of the Allied faction in general, with the Bulldog and Kappa Tanks being unique replacements of it. As such, the Cavalier is the Allied tier 1 tank that will be granted to other factions when they possess an Allied War Factory.

AI behavior

Cavalier Tanks controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 4x targeting vehicles
    • This task force will only be constructed if a Tech Center is not present
  • 4x targeting structures
  • 4x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 2 Charon Tanks
  • 6x targeting vehicles


  • 3x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 2 Mirage Tanks


  • 2x targeting anything, accompanied by 2 Archon AMCs and 2 Robot Tanks
    • The AI may use Chronoboost on this task force
    • If available, Shadow Ring may also be applied


Act One

  • Cavalier Tank first appears as European enemy in Accelerant.
  • The Cavalier Tank is introduced as a controllable unit in Wrong Side, after the player reaches the Radar Dish. It becomes buildable in the next mission Zero Signal.


  • Strongest of the three Allied main battle tanks.
  • Effective against armored vehicles.
  • Can crush infantry and fire on the move.
  • Decent armor and firepower.
  • Rate of fire increases when attacking continuously.
  • Ineffective against infantry.
  • Vulnerable against aerial and anti-armor threats.


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