Superweapons allows a commander or proselyte to expand his offensive or support action during the battle. Offensive superweapons costs $5000 while support superweapons cost $3000, and both requires a high technology access structure to be constructed. A commander or proselyte may only build one of each superweapon in a time.

Scorpion Cell may also access a fake Psychic Dominator that cost $700 to replicate a fake Domination attack to deceive enemy players.

The Blast Furnace may require to place Blast Trench on the base's perimeter to activate Blasticade, which is considered the superweapon's extra feature.

Players may also use any infiltration units to infiltrate any superweapon to reset its timer, causing an activation delay. Although the Weather Controller, the Psychic Dominator and the Tempest Architect may only prevent another activation from other player to delay the activation for each superweapon, unlike the Tactical Nuke Silo, a nuclear missile can launch anytime, even if another player does.

In game setting, Superweapons may be enabled or disabled by player in a skirmish game or a host in a online game depend on the preparation. The Fortress game mode disables Superweapons in the settings to prevent any commander or proselyte from building them, which is enforced by Rampastring's client.

In Superweapon Challenge, toggling Superweapons on the game settings is reflected to on, due to the challenge's enviroment.

List of superweapons by faction

Allied Nations

Structure Csphicon Wethicon
Superweapon Chroicon Bolticon

Soviet Union

Structure Ironicon Msslicon
Superweapon Ircricon Nukeicon

Epsilon Army

Structure Gntcicon Pupticon
Superweapon Frenicon Domnicon

Foehn Revolt

Structure Blsticon Elevicon
Superweapon Blasicon Tmpticon

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