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Unit Trait

Just like in Red Alert 2, units with SelfHealing=yes are capable of regaining health over time, even in combat. This trait may also be granted by elite promotions. However they do not stack: a self healing unit's healing speed remains unchanged after reaching elite rank.

The original game engine dictates all infantry, vehicles and structures share the same healing speed equal to (one HP per RepairRate in-game minutes). However Ares implements injections allowing a specific unit's healing speed to be overriden, by editing the Selfhealing.Rate and Selfhealing.Step fields in the unit's INIsection.

Defenses are repaired 8 times faster with the wrench button than elite-rank self healing.

As of version 3.3.4, the self healing speed is as follows:

Unit Healing speed HP healed per frame
All units and structures

(either with SelfHealing or at elite veterancy)

1 per 27 frames (1.8 IGS) 0.037
Units with overriden healing speed 1 per 1 frame (0.067 IGS) 1
Field Medic's healing weapon

(for comparison)

50 per 25 frames (6.7 IGS) 2

truncated to integer, minimum 1

Tech Structure Bonus

By capturing certain tech structures on the battlefield, units of an entire category may be granted (additional) self-healing ability. These auto-heals are more potent than the elite bonus, yet still no match for the ordinary healing from a medic or repair vehicle.

All structure-granted healing effects stack with the unit-specific healing stated above, and accumulate at linear rate (effect of two captured structures is two times that of one).

The following structures provides self-healing to all units of its specific category:

Structure Unit category Healing speed HP healed per frame
Neutralicon.png Tech Machine Shop Vehicles, aircrafts and ships +10 per 100 frames (6.7 IGS) +0.1
Neutralicon.png Tech (field) Hospital Infantry +20 per 100 frames (6.7 IGS) +0.2


The AI-only variant of Clairvoyant can self-heal while the human version cannot. This is very likely an oversight.

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